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Did they fire Raúl González? The host stopped appearing on Despierta América

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Raúl González rumors (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Did they fire Raúl González?
  • Reveal the truth.
  • The musical secret he had kept.

Raúl González’s absence from Univision’s iconic morning show, Despierta América, has raised concerns and rumors about his alleged dismissal among fans.

Raúl González, the charismatic co-host of the broadcast, has sparked concerns among fans by not appearing on the program this week.

However, the host himself, in an attempt to calm his followers, clarified the situation through a live broadcast on his Instagram profile.

During this live broadcast, González shared that he had received several private messages in recent days from followers concerned about his absence from the show.

Raúl González talks about dismissal rumors

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Faced with this situation, the presenter assured his audience that there was no reason to worry.

«I have received a couple of messages during the week in my private messages. Everything is good, everything is perfect, everything is cool,” said González.

The host immediately tried to dispel any speculation about his departure.

And, according to the host, everything is in order and there is nothing to worry about, much less a dismissal.

Did they fire him? This is the answer

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PHOTO Mezcalent

The 51-year-old presenter also explained the reasons behind his temporary absence from the program that he shares with other hosts such as Karla Martínez, Alan Tacher and Francisca.

«I took a week’s vacation at Despierta América, we all need vacations. Thank God, everything is fine,» said González.

It did not go unnoticed that Raúl González chose this particular week to take a short break, as his birthday celebration is approaching.

«I’m turning 52 and I’m very happy,» shared the charismatic Univision presenter.

Celebrating his birthday

Famous, presenter, first job, United States, Univision
Did they chase Raúl González? PHOTO Mezcalent

This revelation about his birthday served to reassure his followers, who had expressed concern about his absence.

Raúl González, known for his versatility in the show business is not only a talented host, but also revealed an exciting project.

In addition to his work on television, González serves as the artistic director of “Playlist de los Corazones Rotos,” a musical show that will be presented in Miami.

It will take place this Thursday, and therefore, this additional commitment in his agenda was another of the reasons for his absence from the program.

The Artistic Side of the famous Venezuelan

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PHOTO Mezcalent

The charismatic host described the event as a “community karaoke,” exploring heartbreak songs sung by women over the decades.

«If you live in Miami, you have to go see ‘Playlist de los Corazones Rotos’ I’m going to celebrate my birthday there,” González enthusiastically shared.

The show promises to be a unique experience in which four singers of different nationalities will perform songs performed by women since the 70s.

In short, Raúl González, far from being fired, is taking a well-deserved break and focusing on exciting personal and professional projects.

Raúl González Rumors

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Did they chase Raúl González? Photo: Mezcalent

His followers can rest assured, since the beloved presenter will return to Despierta América after his well-deserved vacation.

In addition to announcing his participation in «Playlist de los Corazones Rotos,» where he will continue to delight the audience with his unmistakable charisma and talent on screen.

It is not the first time that spectators of the famous Univsión morning news show are concerned about the absence of the Latin American host.

However, the good news is that Raúl always returns and fans can count on the Venezuelan to continue ahead with it (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE).

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