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Raúl de Molina reveals Andrés García’s secret and shares a photo

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Raúl Molina Andrés García
  • Raúl de Molina reveals Andrés García’s secret.
  • The presenter shared a photo of the actor.
  • “I interviewed him every two weeks.”

On Tuesday, April 4, beloved actor Andrés García passed away at 81 years of age. He was known for having appeared in films such as Pedro Navaja, Chanoc and soap operas such as La Sonrisa del Diablo, Velo de Novia and Ana del Aire.

García suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. In his last Instagram post he thanked the medical staff who were treating him. «I want to recognize the work, professionalism and dedication that my doctors have had towards me, giving a huge thank you,» he wrote in December.

Raúl de Molina reveals Andrés García’s secret

Raúl de Molina reveals Andrés García's secret

His widow, Margarita Portillo issued a statement through Mexican movie star’s Facebook account: «With a pain that I did not know could be felt in my soul, I want to inform the public that always followed and loved my husband, family and friends, as well as the media, that my husband, Andrés García, the love of my loves, is resting next to our Lord Jesus.»

Now El Gordo y la Flaca host Raúl de Molina, shared a secret about the late actor on social media, and posted a photograph that he had taken: «I will always remember him for the love and friendship that he gave me since my career in television began. When I arrived at Telemundo, I met #AndresGarcia and I interviewed him every two weeks,» El Gordo wrote

«We became friends»

Raúl de Molina secret Andrés García: "We became friends"

“This photo was taken in Veracruz where he began filming the novela El Peñón del Amaranto by Víctor Hugo O’Farril around 1993 and he got angry with the production and like a good Andrés he left the project. From that moment on we became friends. His stories were unique and he always told me «Gordo, I invented good television in Spanish,» added Raúl.

He mentions in the Instagram post: «The years in which we didn’t stop talking about how many children he really had, I also lived through the construction of the Castle that became his home in Mexico and the great love he had for the city of Acapulco, where he began as a boatman.»

“Very sad news”

"very sad news"

Several celebrities recalled the good times they had with the soap opera heartthrob. Presenter Jorge «El burro» Van Rankin recalled an interview he did with him: «This is how I will remember the great Andrés García in an interview he gave me 4 years ago in Acapulco, RIP a hug for your family and friends.”

«He lived and did what he wanted, not what others wanted or said was right, he enjoyed life to the fullest.» «Very sad news, a great actor and handsome, no, very handsome, a hug, oh, all your family,” were some comments.

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