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Raúl de Molina is accused of inappropiate behaviour in a jacuzzi

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  • The singer Virggi López shared her experience with Raúl de Molina in a jacuzzi
  • The singer claims that the host of El Gordo y la Flaca touched her inappropriately three times
  • Virggi López says that Raúl de Molina was not a gentleman in the jacuzzi

Raúl de Molina. In an era of Me Too, women have felt safe to raise their voices and relate the bad experiences they have lived with men, and the entertainment world is not free of such remarks. And now strong accusations are being made against Raúl de Molina.

In an interview with Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain for the program Chisme no like, the singer and actress Virggi López shared the experience she had with the host of the popular show El Gordo y la Flaca, Raúl de Molina, when she was invited to his famous jacuzzi.

Raúl de Molina: ‘The man begins to put his hand on me’

They accuse Raúl de Molina of taking advantage of the jacuzzi
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In the interview, Noelia’s cousin recounted the occasion on which she visited La Gorda y la Flaca’s studio to promote their record material, in that broadcast I was invited to share with the conductor Raúl de Molina her famous jacuzzi, but that experience was nothing pleasant, because he assured that he played it three times.

“I went into the jacuzzi, I take off my robe, I stay in a bikini, you know, I go into the jacuzzi and I am innocent, because you are not going to imagine that a person wants to create an uncomfortable situation live. And it turns out that the man begins to put his hand under the water, to grab my bubbles, grab my bubbles, “said Virggi López.

Raúl de Molina: ‘I had to smile’

They accuse Raúl de Molina of taking advantage of the jacuzzi
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The businesswoman also continued with her story: “… and I eh, first, ok, you know you’re starting, you can’t stop a live show, you can’t stop it, oh no, I had to smile. Second, below, and I oh my Good, and then of course, I’m out of focus, you are not waiting to sell what you were going to sell ”.

“Third, and I oh, three times, live”, narrated the singer and businesswoman Virggi López, about the supposed touching that “El Gordo” de Molina made when he went to the program of El Fat and La Flaca in 2005, when she promoted her musical career.

Raúl de Molina: ‘We are in a macho society’

They accuse Raúl de Molina of taking advantage of the jacuzzi
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Virggi López assured that if he had not said anything about it, it was because they were not going to believe him, “when one is starting in this, one is not going to say, this man did that to me, unfortunately we are in a macho society where we have to shut up because we are starting out and if you say something your career is going to be damaged, nobody is going to believe you ”, he said.

López assured that she already left that chapter of her life behind and that she did not leave any emotional sequel, “then you don’t tell anyone, and you let it pass, you leave it like that, and next, to be able to, you know, debug and you to be able to continue your life, “said the singer, who also told about how her career was off.

Raúl de Molina: ‘I am not the first they have tried to play’

They accuse Raúl de Molina of taking advantage of the jacuzzi
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The also producer assured that from the Me Too movement the abuse should stop normalizing. “It seems to me that it is a good time to stop normalizing abuse of any kind, as Lucía Méndez said, why don’t we talk about the things they do to us to see if people are afraid to touch you with a rose petal.”

“It is not to victimize, what I do is for people to talk about the issue because I am not the first that they have tried to play, to abuse behind dressing rooms,” the singer reiterated in her talk with Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain for the program Gossip not like. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Raúl de Molina: His career in music slowed down

They accuse Raúl de Molina of taking advantage of the jacuzzi
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When asked if the sudden “brake” on her artistic career was due to the support she gave her cousin Noelia, when the singer accused her stepfather Topy Mamery of abuse, she said: “You know that when people don’t know you Well, and you want to be on the side of the truth, speaking of the public, people get confused, I received a lot of negatives from many people, but many positive comments on the other hand ”.

“But what happened to me is that I had a large team, like any artist that comes out on the market, and well, since SBS is a great company, they didn’t want to put my songs on various radio stations and I knew why. Only one person at SBS dared to put my song on and after two years they ran it, “said the singer, referring to the fact that Topy Mamery put stones in his path, since he was an important executive of said company.

Noelia says that no one believed her

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Another who also used the microphones of Gossip no like was the Puerto Rican singer Noelia, as she spoke on the journalist Javier Ceriani’s program about the situation the artist Frida Sofía is going through, in which she accused her own grandfather of inappropriate touching when I was a kid.

When touching this topic, the singer recalled the situation that she lived years ago when she denounced her stepfather and assured that several television programs did not give credit to the accusations of abuse that she uncovered against Topy Mamery.

They tried to silence her

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During the interview she had by video call with journalist Javier Ceriani, Noelia says that she went through the same thing 16 years ago with her stepfather Topy Mamery, and that she denounced him on the Gordo y la Flaca program, where she affirms that they tried to silence her.

The talented artist said that she went to report what happened to her stepfather, since she suffered from sexual abuse like Frida Sofía, to the Univisión program, but that both Lili and Raúl de Molina tried to silence her by not believing in her words, that she had been raped by her manager at that time.

“Lili Estefan told me to shut up on the air”

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Noelia recalled how she had been abused by her stepfather, and that she wanted to publicly denounce her stepfather, since her own family did not believe her words, she even mentions that the Fat and Skinny program in addition to silencing her made fun of her .

“They silenced me. Immediately, Lili Estefan told me to shut up on the air. I was in extremely delicate condition. He was in the most dangerous part of the process. They silenced me in a horrible way, I was on the air, he told me various things like ‘don’t talk about your mother like that’, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’, he began to scold me. ”, Said the Puerto Rican.

Noelia says that no one supported her

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During the interview, she also mentioned that it was very difficult to denounce Topy, since no one supported her at that time, and very few people did believe: “Absolutely no one supported me. Either they kept quiet, or they attacked me or they bullied me or they attacked me, ”he recalled.

The person who suffered the most accusations and ridicule was Raúl de Molina, as the singer recalls, “a tremendous coward never stopped attacking me, saying atrocities about me, he destroyed everything by bullying me”, were Noelia’s words

‘I’m still waiting for him to apologize’

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The model added that she knows what Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter is going through and that she is very happy that Molina’s ‘Gordo’ has apologized to Frida for the comments she made, clarifying that she has waited 16 years for her to apologize with her for everything that attacked her.

“I’m still waiting for him to apologize, they stuck for more than a decade attacking me. I offer Lili to make a pen, that program was my last chance to be on camera and ask for help and she did not allow it, “said the singer.

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