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Ramsés Vidente makes a terrible prediction for Daniel Bisogno

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Ramses Vidente prediction (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ramses Vidente prediction to Daniel Bisogno.
  • Concern is generated after revelations.
  • Is the host stalked by death?

In the realm of entertainment, psychics and tarot readers frequently captivate the public’s interest with their predictions.

Some of these predictions prove remarkably accurate, while others fade into obscurity. However, one particular prediction has sparked significant discussion on social media.

Recently, certain revelations made by Ramsés Vidente regarding the iconic ‘Ventaneando’ presenter, Daniel Bisogno, have caused quite a stir.

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The psychic has garnered significant credibility among the public, thanks to the high accuracy of his predictions, including the unfortunate passing of Julián Figueroa.

Moreover, his foresight regarding Mexican President AMLO’s retesting positive for Covid-19 further solidified his reputation. However, one of his latest revelations is now stirring concern.

Ramsés has repeatedly mentioned in his visions the presence of potentially negative energies within the offices of TV Azteca.

Consequently, the health of Daniel Bisogno has become a primary concern for many of his followers and colleagues, who are earnestly hoping for his swift recovery.

Speculation and worries after predictions

Predictions, Tarot, Revelations, Health, Ramses Seer prediction Daniel
Photo: Mezcalent

The correlation between the current circumstances of the host and the predictions made by Ramses has sparked numerous speculations among the public.

Daniel Bisogno, renowned for his vibrant presence and witty commentary on the show Ventaneando, has been a prominent figure for decades.

His recent health issues, resulting in his absence from the program, have stirred concern among his loyal fans and colleagues.

Ramses Seer’s predictions have been a topic of debate on several occasions, with some dismissing him as a mere charlatan while others regard his predictions as remarkably accurate.

Ramses Vidente prediction to Daniel Bisogno

Future, Death, Problems, Television, Program
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Via the TikTok platform, user Margo Gru shared a video featuring Ramses’ latest predictions concerning the host.

«I foresee a risk of respiratory arrest for him, possibly leading to a coma or brain death,» the psychic stated during his revelations.

«Should I perceive a dire situation for Mr. Bisogno, please send positive energy his way. I’ve been forewarning about this scenario for two years,» he emphasized.

«I foresee the onset of significant respiratory distress. Let’s hope and pray, but the signs point to a severe respiratory issue,» Ramses disclosed in the video.

Daniel Bisogno on the verge of death?

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Photo: Mezcalent

«I’m uncertain if these events have already transpired today or will occur later this week. I sincerely hope I’m mistaken, and I’d rather be labeled a charlatan than witness any harm befall Daniel Bisogno,» he expressed.

«My heart goes out to Micaela, his daughter. Let’s light a candle and send our best wishes. I wouldn’t wish ill health upon anyone,» the psychic conveyed with empathy.

The psychic maintained a strong conviction that the physical condition of the ‘Ventaneando’ presenter would deteriorate further.

«Today holds significant importance, and when I speak of ‘days,’ it’s a metaphorical dryness. Today, prior to Friday, is crucial for Bisogno. Let’s all hope for his swift recovery,» he urged.

Impact on the entertainment medium

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Ramsés Vidente makes prediction about Daniel Bisogno-Photo: Shutterstock

«Please, if you can relay this message to his wife, listen attentively: place a rosary and holy water on Daniel’s forehead or somewhere in the room, even on his pillow,» he emphasized.

Ramsés asserted that if Cristina Riva follows these instructions, Daniel Bisogno «will get up, because he will get up» from the predicament he’s facing.

He also emphasized, «I’m not claiming to be God, deciding who lives and who dies, but he certainly needs good health.» He added, «This message has been resonating for two years now.»

The psychic’s uncanny ability to foresee future events, including illnesses or tragedies, has left many in awe. HERE THE VIDEO.

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