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Ramón Fernández, son of Vicente Fernández Jr, announces wedding but they call him ‘daddy’s son’ (PHOTOS)

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Son of Vicente Fernandez Jr., Ramón Fernández marries his girlfriend.
  • Followers call him daddy’s son.
  • Users claim that the young man is going the same way as his father.

Wedding on the way! Vicente Fernández Jr’s eldest son,

Ramón Fernández, announced today his wedding to his girlfriend, Daniela Guts.

Although, unlike their cousins, children of the singer Alejandro Fernández, the children of the eldest of the foals have led a calmer life and out of the spotlight.

However, that did not prevent Vicente Fernández’s grandson, Ramón Fernández, from announcing his wedding with his partner Daniela Guts, with whom he already has a son named Luca, who was born just a few months ago.

PHOTO: Instagram. Ramon Fernandez

This announcement was made known through his official Instagram account, where the son of Vicente Fernández Jr published various photographs of the marriage proposal, which was carried out in what appears to be a restaurant from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

At the bottom of the photograph, Ramón, son of Vicente Fernández Jr, published the following message: “I’m going to marry the love of my life and my best friend” accompanied by a red heart and a ring as an emoji.

Although it is not yet known when the wedding day will be, the couple shared this beautiful moment on their social networks, where Daniela, the future wife of the grandchild Vicente Fernández was quite moved by the news of her engagement.

Vicente Fernandez Jr

PHOTO: Instagram. Ramon Fernandez

It should be remembered that Ramón is one of the eldest sons of Vicente Fernández Jr, son of the Mexican singer, Vicente Fernández, and the little that is known about him is thanks to his social networks, where he defines himself as an artist, lover of music. music.

In addition to the fact that together with his older brother, Vicente, he sells coffee through his company Café Broco, according to sources from the portall The Herald of Mexico. You can see the photos of Vicente Jr’s son in his marriage proposal here.

This news of the future wedding of the son of Vicente Fernández Jr, was also released by the portal of the Argentine journalist, Javier Ceriani, where the followers did not react in a good way to this event.

A follower wrote: «Oh my god, all the children getting married and they as sweethearts of quinceañeras» making a clear reference to her father Vicente Fernández Jr.

Some users highlighted that Ramón Fernández was going the same way as his father.

A follower wrote to the publication of Vicente Fernández Jr’s son: «The novel of the moment, following in the footsteps of Papi Tabo Verde by Ramón Fernández, and known father as your inheritance has me crazy HAHA.»

PHOTO: Instagram. Javier Ceriani

«Let’s see if he doesn’t come out like his dad, what do they luxury to get married as many times as they want ”,“ He goes the same way as his old man ”,“ Just like daddy ”,“ Daddy’s clone, nothing new, better continue as boyfriends, because they are married for 6 months ”.

On the other hand, some followers began to call Ramón a son of daddy: «Another son of daddy», «He only accepts it for daddy’s money, they buy them in the red zone», «It must be another kept equal to daddy ”.

They were one of the many comments that Vicente Fernández Jr’s son received in the news of his upcoming wedding.

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