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Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend and people say he was hiding her (VIDEO)

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  • The Mexican actor finally appears with his girlfriend in public.
  • Rafael Amaya poses with his girlfriend Martiza.
  • Was he hiding his relationship?

Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend: The 45-year-old Mexican actor Rafael Amaya is known for starring as Señor de los Cielos in the series that bears the same name. The handsome actor from Hermosillo, Sonora, has not had an easy life, as excesses led him down another path.

Very little information has been revealed about the Mexican actor’s personal life. However, new images have appeared on Instagram of the actor posing next to a very pretty woman who is said to be his new girlfriend!

Rafael Amaya appears with a mystery woman

Rafael Amaya presents his current girlfriend
PHOTO: Instagram

The actor, who stars as Aurelio Casillas in El Señor de los Cielos, was recently seen at an event attended by thousands of people. Rafael Amaya was not alone, he came with a beautiful companion who caught everyone’s eye.

Videos and photos showing the moment when they were posing for the cameras have been released. It should be noted that, although the place was crowded, Rafael and his supposed new girlfriend did not hesitate to smile at the cameras and they looked very good together. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend

The name of the actor’s girlfriend is revealed

Rafael Amaya presents his current girlfriend
PHOTO: Instagram

This is a photo of the woman who is said to have stolen the heart of the The Lord of the Skies star. The images and videos were released by journalist Nelsie Carrillo. In the video, the journalist says that Amaya’s «girlfriend» is named Maritza.

We can see how they both pose, he with his unique smile and she looking more serious, but still spectacular in an elegant long black dress. Amaya was wearing a red two-piece dress suit with a black shirt underneath. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend

Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend: Is he keeping it a secret?

PHOTO: Getty Images

In the comments, people didn’t attack the actor’s girlfriend, as often happens with celebrities. However, despite the fact that no negative comments arose, some expressed their envy of the woman who was with the Telemundo actor, Rafael Amaya.

«Lucky.» «Oh no, he’s my crush.» On the other hand, it was confirmed that the actor is trying to keep this relationship private: “Such a cute couple, you can see that he is super in love with her. @rafaelamayanunez already make your relationship official and even your coworkers are giving you away, love should never be hidden, it’s cowardly to do that.» «He hides it because he was asked and he said don’t ask,» said the journalist in a comment. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend

Rafael Amaya’s past girlfriends

PHOTO: Getty Images

The 45-year-old Mexican actor has had relationships with several super beautiful women. Ana Claudia Talancón, also an actress, dated him however, it did not last long and they broke up after a short time.

According to el Comercio, actress Iran del Castillo also had a romance with the actor while filming the soap opera Amar otra vez. Amaya met actress Ana Layevska while filming Las dos caras de Ana, and they had crushes on each other. And although Rafael has had more romances, a new woman appears to have stolen his heart. Filed Under: Rafael Amaya introduces his new girlfriend

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