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Racist ‘Karen’ goes on a tirade calling a Mexican family «trash» at a pool party (VIDEO)

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  • Racist woman calls a Mexican family «trash» at a pool party.
  • The video went viral on TikTok.
  • The woman had to be physically restrained.

Racist Karen calls Mexican family «trash» while they were enjoying a day at the pool. What should have been a fun event ended in a true nightmare for a Mexican family in Lakewood, Colorado when a white woman lashed out at them for having a «Mexican party». She continued to berate them calling them «low-class slime».

The woman did not seem to care that there were children in the group as she continued her expletive-laden tirade. One of the family members shared the video on TikTok, saying: “According to this Karen, all Mexicans are low-class. I hope this video is found by your coworkers, family and friends. Acting like this at a family BBQ where there are children is completely disgusting.»

Racist woman calls Mexican family «trash» at a pool party

TikTok: JadeSeries

The video , which reached more than a million views, shows how the woman goes from verbal to physical assault, when she violently snatches the cell phone from one of the family members who was recording the attack. The person who shared the video only asks that she apologize to her family for her.

So far that has not happened. Officers from the Lakewood Police Department detail in their report that they went to the Alta Green Mountain pool to mediate with those involved in the incident. Witnesses were questioned but no one was arrested.

There were no arrests despite the racist woman’s attack

racist woman
TikTok: JadeSeries

The family has received hundreds of messages of support. «I’m so sorry this happened to you. People can be inhuman sometimes. It’s their problem, not yours!» @Monika commented on TikTok. «She basically made us feel that we were not good enough to live in the same apartment complex that she and her boyfriend lived in,» said Jade, the young woman who shared the video and who does not understand her hostility.

The family not only felt attacked by the woman but also by the way the police responded. «If I put my hands on him as I wanted when he approached my friend’s daughter, because I am a minority, because I have tattoos, you (the police) would have handcuffed me without hesitation, without an investigation,» Melanie Rangel Olmedo, a witness and friend of the family complained. Apparently the officers did not address the fact that the woman slapped a cell phone out of someone’s hand.

The police response was inadequate


Carlos Moreno

This is the second racist incident that has gone viral on social media in less than a week in different US. In both cases the victims were Mexican.

The first case occurred in Tustin, in California’s Orange County, when one of its residents assaulted a street vendor. The Hispanic community demands justice for this type of racist attack.

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