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Bat infected with rabies found in Michigan

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Rabies-infected bat in Michigan (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Rabid bat found in Michigan.
  • The dangers of this disease.
  • How common is it?

Health authorities in a small county in Michigan have discovered a rabies-infected bat.

This prompted a warning to residents about the dangers posed by these creatures and animal bites in general.

The last occurrence of a rabid bat in Washtenaw County was in 2022.

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A rabies-infected bat is not unusual

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The epidemiology coordinator of the county’s health department commented that finding a bat with rabies is not unusual.

«We often see more bat encounters in the summer and fall months,» said Ailen Velázquez.

For this reason, they want to remind residents to contact them if they find a bat in their home.

According to USA Today, residents of Michigan are not the only ones at risk.

Rabies affects all mammals

Michigan bat, mammals, deadly disease, viral, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

It is important to note that rabies affects all mammals, making it extremely deadly for those who contract it.

It is a viral disease generally transmitted through the bite or scratch of a rabid animal.

A bat, like the one found in Michigan, is not necessarily a carrier of rabies but can contract the virus.

Bats are carriers of the rabies virus in all U.S. states except Hawaii.

Symptoms of rabies

symptoms, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida, USA, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission states that it is very rare for humans to contract rabies.

Symptoms of rabies are similar to those you might experience if you contracted the flu.

This includes weakness, discomfort, fever and headache, according to USA Today.

You may also feel an itching or tingling sensation at the site of the bite, which can last for days.

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