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‘Quinceañera’ Rubí came out as bisexual on social media

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Quinceañera Rubí comes out of the closet- Quinceañera Rubí sale del clóset, Rubí Ibarra, La Academia, México, Quinceañera Rubí
Rubí Ibarra came out (PHOTO Meznivel / Shutterstock)
  • Rubí Ibarra came out on social media.
  • She opens up about her bisexuality.
  • What else did she say?

Rubí Ibarra came out! The girl who became famous when the invitation to her 15th birthday party went viral in 2016, made a surprising announcement on social media.

The young Mexican, who finished fifth on La Academia, has people talking.

Recently, she made headlines again when she opened up about her sexual orientation.

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Rubí Ibarra came out on social media

Quinceañera Rubí comes out of the closet, Rubí Ibarra, La Academia, México, Quinceañera Rubí
PHOTO: Instagram Capture

In a live broadcast in 2022, Rubí told her followers that she is attracted to both men and women.

This was the first time she spoke publicly about her sexual orientation, according to El Sol de San Luis.

The singer often engages with her followers on social media.

Rubí Ibarra likes to share her life with her fans.

She wows in a sexy swimsuit

Quinceañera Rubí, Rubí Ibarra, La Academia, México, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

Rubí posts everything from nights out to beach vacations. She recently posted a photo on Instagram where she’s wearing a floral bikini in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Rubí delighted her followers by showing off her figure and sharing her message of «Beach and sun.»

The singer has also taken to social media to talk about her love life.

Although she has had relationships with men, Rubí has stated she leans more towards women.

Quinceañera Rubí Ibarra came out as bisexual

Singer, Mexico, La Academia 2022, Viral, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Capture

According to El Sol de San Luis, the Mexican singer said that her family is not fully aware of this aspect of her life.

However, Rubí noted that her sister is the only one who really knows what’s going on in her love life.

«Many people ask me if I like women or not… Yes, I’ve had a girlfriend or two, but really there have been three!» she revealed.

«I’ve had more boyfriends, but I’ve also been attracted to girls,» Rubí said during her live broadcast, sharing a more intimate aspect of her life with her followers. To see the photos click HERE.

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