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Psychic warns of terrible danger for residents of this Hispanic country

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  • La Hija de Nostradamus shares terrifying revelations.
  • The renowned psychic warns of serious danger for the residents of this Hispanic country.
  • She says that they will experience moments of horror like never before.

After revealing the truth about the mother of Salvador Ramos, the perpetrator of the massacre in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 students and two teachers were killed, La Hija de Nostradamus (The Daughter of Nostradamus) warns of serious danger for the residents of a Hispanic country. She also said they will experience previously unknown terror.

With great success on her social networks, and her official YouTube channel which has 173,000 subscribers, Peruvian psychic Antonella Pilar shares her predictions which are simply terrifying, so you have to pay close attention.

What Hispanic country will be affected in the coming days? La Hija de Nostradamus explains

What Hispanic country will be affected in the coming days? The Daughter of Nostradamus responds
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But which Hispanic country is La Hija de Nostradamus referring to in these predictions? It turns out that she’s talking about Colombia, which will hold  a second round of elections on Sunday, June 19, to elect the president and vice president of the country for the 2022-2026 term.

How will Colombia do with the new government that is to come? Who will be the next president? Will they keep their promises?” The psychic answered all of these questions but not before revealing that she has been threatened, since many people don’t want her to make predictions about Colombia: “They don’t want me to uncover what is going to happen in the elections.”

La Hija de Nostradamus reveals what awaits Colombia

The Daughter of Nostradamus reveals what awaits Colombia
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“The cards say that an attack is coming on (Álvaro) Uribe (who was president of Colombia from 2002 to 2010) and (he will be) close to jail, as well as an attack on Iván Duque (current president of this country). Many things are going to be uncovered and will come to light in politics,” La Hija de Nostradamus her predictions.

Then, the psychic said that, according to a new card reading, the next president will not keep his promises: “Unfortunately, in Colombia there will be moments of tension three months after the elections. A period of scarcity and economic instability is coming, hunger will take over this country.”

The worst is yet to come

the worst is yet to come
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And as if that were not enough, La Hija de Nostradamus says that people will be left without jobs and homes, living in tents: “Taxes, leases, rents will go up, but mega-inflation and high prices are also coming in Colombia. Ninety days of fasting tells me my spiritual guide.”

“Colombians’ money will be withheld in the bank to be given to those most in need. Unfortunately, a period of famine is coming and I see starving people. A stage of cannibalism is coming, where they will have to eat each other to survive and people will break into houses in search of food.”

“Many people will drink their urine to survive,” says La Hija de Nostradamus

"Many people will drink their urine to survive"says The Daughter of Nostradamus
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Nearing the end of her revelations, where she predicts the worst for Colombia, La Hija de Nostradamus sees a drought as well: “Many people will drink their urine to survive. Times of attacks, murders and mourning are coming. The devil will be on the loose in this Hispanic country. Violence is visualized in the streets and third and fourth guerrillas will rise.”

“Somebody’s votes will be knocked down, because the cards speak of a betrayal of the Colombian people and foreigners in Colombia will have to leave; they will be deported. There will be changes in laws, as well as in the Constitution, changes and reforms, people crying because there will be expropriation of properties. Public transport will be removed and private transport will be limited, apart from the fact that it will no longer be possible to travel or leave Colombia. Colombia will be the next Venezuela, the new Cuba,” she concluded. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

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