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Protests over the murder of Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’, 3-year-old Daleyni

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death of girlfriend Peso Pluma, Daleyni, murder, girl, MundoNOW / muerte novia Peso Pluma, Daleyni, asesinato, niña, MundoNOW
Peso Pluma's 'girlfriend' Daleyni was murdered / PHOTO: Mezcalent / Shutterstock
  • Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’ Daleyni was murdered.
  • Protests in Teocaltiche over the 3-year-old’s death.
  • She went viral on social media.

Earlier this month a little girl was gunned down in a brutal attack.

Daleyni, who was only three years old, went viral on social media after appearing in a video where she said she was Peso Pluma’s girlfriend.

It is reported that members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel were responsible for this tragedy that left an entire community in mourning.

Days later, residents of  Teocaltiche protested this shocking incident in which her grandparents and a 21-year-old young man were also killed.

The violence seems to have no end

murder, Teocaltiche, municipality, Mexico, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Telemundo

According to Noticias Telemundo, the residents of this municipality organized to protest the murder of Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’ Daleyni.

Unfortunately, very few people attended this event, probably out of fear of possible reprisals.

Other reports suggests that they are afraid to speak out against organized crime.

So far, ‘La Doble P’ has not made any comments about little Daleyni’s death.

Demanding justice for Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’ Daleyni

death of girlfriend Peso Pluma, social networks, YouTube, comments, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

It didn’t take long for social media users to express their outrage over the death of Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’ Daleyni.

«She was an angel, a baby. May God bring justice, and may those who killed her burn in hell.» «What pain, she was an angel.»

One internet user claimed that murders like Daleyni’s are the result of a corrupt government.

«Hopefully, they find those responsible. She was an angel, she didn’t even know anything yet. May God have her in His glory,» read another comment.

«This is where Mexico should not forgive»

Ella baila sola, Lady gaga, Genesis, la bebé, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Even more comments poured in on Noticias Telemundo’s video. The outrage over the murder of Peso Pluma’s little fan was more than evident.

«Mexico does not forgive! This is where Mexico should not forgive!» «Crime is getting worse, out of control, even killing innocent children.»

One person said that what Mexico needs is a president like Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.

«One who defends and loves his people wholeheartedly, not someone who polishes the boots of the drug lords,» they wrote.

Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’ Daleyni was dearly loved

death of Peso Pluma's girlfriend, paternal grandmother, Daleyni Jakeline, offering, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Maribel, Daleyni’s paternal grandmother, was interviewed by Telemundo after the murder of her granddaughter.

«They murdered her, they shot her and her grandparents. She was very affectionate, very playful, and was loved by everyone,» she revealed.

In addition, another person who wished to remain anonymous commented that the protest had very low attendance because residents are afraid to leave their homes.

«They didn’t come due to fear because we all have children, and no one wants to be attacked,» she said.

«Don’t expose children on social media»

singer, Zapopan, Jalisco, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The outrage over the death of Peso Pluma’s ‘girlfriend’ Daleyni is still intense online.

«Please, do not expose children on social media,» some social media users pleaded.

«What harm can these children do to these people who only seek to spread fear in the world?» one person asked.

Another user commented that those who killed Daleyni are not drug lords but terrorists.

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