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Lupillo Rivera makes an unseemly proposal to Maripily Rivera and no one can believe it (VIDEO)

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Proposal by Lupillo Rivera, Show, Singer, MundoNow, News
Proposal by Lupillo Rivera (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Surprising Proposal by Lupillo Rivera
  • Sparks Social Media Debate
  • Controversy in «La Casa de los Famosos.»

An unexpected and controversial scene within the popular reality house «La Casa de los Famosos» has gone viral on social media.

Renowned Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera left everyone stunned by making an indecorous proposal to his competition mate, Puerto Rican actress and presenter Maripily Rivera.

Tension unfolded in Team Tierra’s bedroom, where other participants bore witness to this unprecedented moment.

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During a calm evening, Lupillo and Maripily were seen socializing with the rest of their companions, as depicted in the video shared by user @daniel___montenegro3 on TikTok.

Without prior warning and seemingly without any inhibition, the Mexican regional music singer released a surprising statement that left everyone speechless: «Let me know when you’re going to leave.»

In response to this direct innuendo, Maripily replied humorously, asking if the comment was referring to packing her bags.

However, Lupillo Rivera’s response was even more shocking: «To make passionate love to you, and drive you crazy all night long so that you won’t want to leave in the morning.»

«Making love to you madly»

Lupillo Rivera makes an indecorous proposal, singer, Mexican, USA, Telemundo
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Surprise and laughter filled the air as the other present participants couldn’t hide their disbelief at Lupillo’s bold proposition.

Social media exploded with comments and divided opinions about the singer’s behavior.

This incident has sparked a debate about boundaries and respect in a communal environment like «La Casa de los Famosos,».

Where personalities from different backgrounds compete and coexist 24 hours a day under the scrutiny of cameras.

It was a joke

Maripily Rivera, Puerto Rico, actress, model, presenter
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Many users expressed their disapproval of Lupillo’s attitude, pointing out that he crossed a line by making a personal proposition in a public and televised space.

For others, it was simply evident that it was a joke between teammates and roommates.

On her part, Maripily Rivera, known for her confidence and strong character, responded to the situation with good humor.

Even former Miss Universe participant Ariadna Gutiérrez was with them when the moment occurred and laughed along with them.

The Team Tierra is spicier than ever

La Casa de los Famosos, LCDLF, Equipo Tierra, controversy, networks
PHOTO: Telemundo

After the unexpected moment, Team Tierra continued the conversation by asking each other spicy questions.

This included whether they would have sexual relations publicly within the reality show, to which Lupillo responded without hesitation that they would not.

This unprecedented episode has placed «La Casa de los Famosos» in the center of media attention.

Controversy is brewing, and the audience remains eager for developments in this reality show that never ceases to surprise.

Users give their opinion about it

Lupillo Rivera makes an indecorous proposal, Ariadna, Miss Universe, Colombia, Tiktok
PHOTO: Tiktok @daniel__montenegro3

Social media users didn’t hesitate to share their opinions after Lupillo Rivera’s indecorous proposal to Maripily came to light.

«Some fans expressed, ‘Lupillo is super playful, he used to do the same with Thalí (García)’, ‘The confinement is getting to Lupillo’, and ‘That Lupe is terrible. Let’s all go with Team Tierra, all the way to the final’.»

Others commented, «Lupillo is trying at all costs to unload everything he’s been holding back for years», «Maripily seemed to like that», «Ari, like a daughter, pretending she didn’t hear anything», and «Strong statements».

CLICK HERE to watch the video where Lupillo Rivera makes an indecorous proposal to Maripily Rivera and nobody can believe it.

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