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Profe Claudio Nieto: Uncomplicated Physical and Mental Health Topics

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  • Profe Claudio Nieto starts by talking about the content of the podcast.
  • Claudio Nieto Maestre is the host of this podcast focused on health.
  • Various topics related to both the physical and emotional aspects will be discussed.

In a world where obesity is an epidemic, diseases are very prevalent, and the food and pharmaceutical industries play a key role in health, it’s time to deeply analyze today’s reality.

Hello everyone! I am Claudio Nieto Maestre, and I want to thank you for your attention. Some of you might already know me from my YouTube channel, my blog, or my social media accounts, where I always appear as «Profe. Claudio».

I have a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, and I have a passion for learning about nutrition, physiology, and psychology.

After 13 years as a Physical Education teacher, I’ve realized that our lifestyle habits are responsible for many of our health issues, and it’s time to translate science into clear and practical language.

Profe Claudio Nieto Podcast

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The World Health Organization has said that obesity is an epidemic, with millions of people dying each year due to overweight and obesity.

In 2016, there were over 2 billion overweight adults and 650 million with obesity.

Forecasts for 2030 are even more alarming, with 40 out of every 100 people being overweight and 25 out of 100 obese, representing 1.5 billion obese people on the planet.

Now, we also need to talk about another topic: our daily actions.

Our Bad Habits

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The biggest reasons people get sick and die today are because of how we live.

Smoking, alcohol, not moving around much, and being very overweight cause many people to die from heart problems. Eating a lot of junk food and not being active are big issue for us.

It’s clear that big food and medicine companies affect what we eat and how we live. We often see ads for junk food and not-good-for-you items.

Even groups that say they want us to be healthy work with big companies that sell things that aren’t really good for us.

General Podcast Content

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In this podcast, I will explore a series of key health topics, explained in an easy way for everyone. Some will be about sleep and rest habits, others more about mental health and tools to improve and take care of it.

We will also discuss food, its connection with the environment, and its bond with us. Of course, we’ll also talk about the much-needed exercise.

We will talk about our body, how it works, some myths surrounding health culture. And, of course, the immune system and how it is affected by various factors.

Profe Claudio Nieto is my way of sharing the knowledge I gain and motivating myself to continue learning. If I can help you and others seek health and quality of life, I will have achieved my goal.

Profe Claudio Nieto
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