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Problems with Carmen Salinas’s inheritance? The truth comes to light

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  • After several weeks in the hospital, Carmen Salinas died on December 9, 2021.
  • After rumors that there are problems with the inheritance of the Mexican actress and producer, her family speaks out.
  • Her daughter, María Eugenia Plascencia, won’t remain silent.

What’s going on? On December 9, 2021 news took Mexico and several Spanish-speaking countries by surprise: the renowned Mexican actress and producer Carmen Salinas had died. Now, just over six months after the unfortunate loss, there are rumors of problems with her inheritance.

Her daughter, María Eugenia Plascencia, came out to tell the truth in a interview for Ventaneando (the video is available on the show’s official Youtube channel). The show paid tribute to the star who was also a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico.

Estrangement Carmen Salinas’s family?

Estrangement in the family of Carmen Salinas?
YouTube photo

«It’s a lie, we are all united, on the contrary,» Carmen Salinas’ daughter responded forcefully to the question of whether were problems in her family regarding the inheritance left by the Mexican actress and producer. However, there was a detail worth highlighting that caught many people’s attention.

María Eugenia Plascencia wore earrings that belonged to her mother at an event where she received the posthumous Hispanic Greatness award: “I spoke with her and told her that I was going to receive something with great affection for her. Mom wore these earrings in the last telenovela she did, so I now she is with me.”

“We have her in our minds and in our hearts”

"We have it in our mind and in our heart"
YouTube photo

After dispelling the rumors that there are problems with Carmen Salinas’s inheritance, her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia said that she has mixed feelings, since her mother was not present. It has been difficult, but both she and her other relatives, have her on their minds and in their hearts.

On the other hand, Gustavo Briones, the artist’s nephew, said that there is not a day that her family and friends don’t remember her: «There is not a day that I do not remember her. Something happens that we always mention her and there is no person who does not tell me: ‘ I did this with her,’ ‘She helped me in this,’ and well the blessings we receive from so many people,” he concluded. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

«Even El Chato Cejudo was included»

In the inheritance of Carmen Salinas "even El Chato Cejudo was included"
YouTube photo

Undoubtedly, Mexican actress and producer Carmen Salinas was one of the most beloved figures in Mexican show business, both by the public and by her colleagues, who continue to remember her with great affection just over six months after her death.

And after the rumor that there were problems with her inheritance, this is how some users responded: “I had understood that Carmen left her will in order, and how much and to whom it corresponded to inherit her material goods. Another thing is that the beneficiaries want to acquire more than those stipulated by the unforgettable imitatrix. Even the little Cejudo was included.” “ Before she died, Carmen had already included him in her will in gratitude for her work.”

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