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Priscila Ángel reveals the unexpected after fighting health problems

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Priscila Ángel's health (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Priscila Ángel is concerned about her health.
  • She opened up about the challenges she encountered while suffering.
  • «God blessed me with His comfort,» she shared.

Priscila Ángel disclosed the tough times she endured after falling ill with a life-threatening disease that had severe repercussions.

The wife of Temerario expressed her gratitude towards her family for their support during her illness and acknowledged that it was a tremendous struggle.

She also revealed that her physical and psychological difficulties began after contracting the coronavirus, which affected her significantly.

She felt as if she were «dying,» which made her all the more thankful to be alive and able to spend another year with her loved ones.

Priscila Ángel is concerned about her health

Priscila Ángel, Daredevils, COVID-19, Overcoming, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

In a heartfelt revelation, Priscila Ángel, the spouse of a member from the acclaimed Mexican band «Temerarios,» shared an intimate confession with her followers.

«I am thankful for today and for all the difficult, sorrowful, painful, and challenging times…» Priscila Ángel wrote in her Instagram post.

Visibly emotional, Priscila expressed her deep gratitude to God for the ‘trials’ she endured to stay alive and to triumph over these trying times.

«Through these trials, God granted me the grace of His comfort and presence, gave me strength, and made me feel His love through people I don’t even know personally,» she emphasized.

What happened to Priscilla?

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Photo: Mezcalent

Based on the artist’s own disclosures, it was during November and December of 2021 that she contracted COVID-19.

This illness inflicted significant harm on the artist, leading her through immensely challenging periods due to the virus and its severe aftermath.

«The Blessed Virgin Mary granted me wisdom, strength, and one of the greatest gifts,» proclaimed the ‘Temerario’s’ wife on social media.

«She aided me in better understanding myself, in seeing my reality more clearly, and in recognizing that I am very, very far from being a ‘good person,'» she reflected.

«You die»

Priscila, Gustavo Ángel, Los Temerarios, Relationship, love
Photo: Mezcalent

The illness took a toll not just on her physical health but also left indelible marks on her mental well-being, casting her into a rigorous battle to reclaim her overall health.

«(God) taught me to be more appreciative and to cherish every moment of life because feeling as though you are genuinely at death’s door is an ordeal that has left a permanent imprint on me,» she disclosed.

The level of her suffering throughout her illness was so profound that each day posed a test to her endurance.

Nevertheless, amid the gloom that enveloped her circumstances, she remained thankful for the gift of life and the opportunity to celebrate another year with her loved ones.

Did it have serious consequences?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The coronavirus impacted not only Priscila’s physical well-being but also had profound psychological effects, as she shared on social media.

«It has been very challenging to overcome, leaving me with both physical and psychological repercussions,» the ‘Paraíso Terrenal’ singer pointed out in her post.

«With a great deal of faith, resolve, and most importantly, God’s blessing evident in the prayers of everyone who has supported me through this, I have made it,» she continued.

The uncertainty, fear, and sense of vulnerability that she encountered during her illness prompted an internal struggle for emotional equilibrium.

«An opportunity»

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Photo: Mezcalent

The wife of a Temerario band member shared that there were many times when she doubted her ability to survive the tumultuous chapter that life had thrown her way. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

«When the situation doesn’t change, I think that maybe it’s us who need to change, and these tough experiences ultimately become a gift, an opportunity,» she emphasized.

As Priscilla recounted her ordeal, she underscored the vital role of mental fortitude and emotional support in recovering from such a trying illness.

Yet, Priscila Ángel’s narrative is not merely an account of hardship; it is also a testament to resilience and hope. TO SEE PHOTO CLICK HERE.

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