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Princess Anne made history standing Vigil over the Queen’s coffin

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  • Princess Anne made history standing Vigil over the Queen.
  • She participated in the Vigil of the Princes.
  • Find out how she broke tradition.

On Monday, the Queen’s four children walked silently behind a carriage carrying their mother’s coffin through a street in the Scottish capital where a crowd gathered along a route to a cathedral. However Princess Anne captured the world’s attention with an image of her standing vigil over the coffin of the Queen Elizabeth II.

Four days after the 96-year-old queen passed away at her beloved Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, the notes of a military piper were heard as the oak coffin, draped in the Royal Banner, was carried from the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh in the late summer sun, according to the AP.

The Vigil of the Princes

The Vigil of the Princes
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

King Charles III, in military uniform, as well as Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, walked behind as the carriage made its way to St. Giles’ Cathedral, escorted by officers from the Royal Regiment of Scotland and a detachment from the King’s Guard in Scotland, the Royal Company of Archers.

Charles, Anne and Edward wore military uniforms during the procession but Andrew was in civilian clothes. The Royal Army veteran was stripped of his honorary military titles and removed from his royal duties due to his relationship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to AP.

Princess Anne standing vigil over Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

Princess Anne keeping vigil at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II
PHOTO: Capture website Readings

However, what captured the full attention of the attendees and those on social media was the fact that Princess Anne participated in the ceremony. There are a number of rites and traditions that must be followed when a monarch dies in the United Kingdom. In this case, the Vigil of the Princes.

According to Infobae, this consists of standing guard over the coffin for 10-15 minutes. Participants must stand at attention and this is the first time that a woman has participated in the Vigil.

Princess Anne made history

He broke a historic protocol
PHOTO: Capture website Readings

Princess Anne, 72, has made history because, as an active member of the British royal family and daughter of Elizabeth II, she participated in the Vigil of the Princes. Standing guard at one of the corners of the coffin. She is also the first woman to wear her military uniform at a state occasion, according to Lecturas.

However, the younger sister of Prince Charles III has held the position of Captain General of the Royal Marines since 2021 and is the first woman to assume the highest military title in the United Kingdom. She is also an admiral and commander-in-chief of women in the Royal Navy.

Princess Anne went viral

Princess Anne moment went viral
PHOTO: Capture Tiktok

On social networks like TikTok, the moment quickly went viral and there is no doubt that Princess Anne’s presence at that ceremony marked a turning point in the history of the United Kingdom and its «unbreakable» rules.

Some people commented on social media: «Princess Anne is much more than the three of them together, she deserved to be queen.» «She would have been an excellent queen.» «She is superior.» and, «For her it was her mother, not the queen.» Click here to see the emotional moment.

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