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Pregnant Venezuelan crosses the border before the end of Title 42 but her husband doesn’t make it

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  • Pregnant woman managed to cross the US border before the end of Title 42.
  • Her husband wasn’t able to enter the country.
  • «Well, it has been hard because I came while pregnant.»

A pregnant woman entered into the United States shortly before the end of Title 42 and discusses her greatest fear. The 25-year-old spoke exclusively to MundoNow and described the sacrifices she had to make in order to reach the country.

There has been anguish at the border since the US announced the end of Title 42. Thousands of people are waiting to get an appointment to submit an asylum application and others are beginning to consider other places to migrate. According to The Associated Press, it’s estimated that 27,000 people are in custody.


Photo: MundoNow

Shortly before Title 42 ended, thousands of migrants were seeking to enter the United States. Hoping to achieve just that, Yineth Carolina Vergara spoke to MundoNow and she described the difficult journey of crossing the border and the sacrifices she made.

“I came, I was two months [pregnant] when I came. I’m from Venezuela, I’m 25,» declared Yineth Carolina to MundoNow.

What was it like crossing the border?

What was it like crossing the border?
Photo: MundoNow

Yineth Carolina, like thousands of migrants from South America and other parts of the world, must cross the dangerous Darien jungle that is located between the borders of Panama and Colombia. The young Venezuelan said that it was difficult because she is pregnant.

“Well, it has been hard because I came while pregnant. I came, I was two months [pregnant] when I came and it was tough, well, pregnant, it’s really tough going through the Darien jungle,» said the young woman. Her story, like that of many migrants, is still full of fear and sacrifices.

Why did you travel to the United States?

Why did you travel to the United States?
Photo: MundoNow

One of the main reasons that migrants cross the border and face difficulties with Border Patrol, extreme weather and even violence, is to be able to obtain a better life from the one they had in their countries of origin. In the case of Yineth Carolina, it was her children and her finanaces that motivated her to come to the US.

“Well, I decided it because of the economy in the country that really is not enough for us. I have two other children, plus the pregnancy I have right now, it really is not enough for us,” said the Venezuelan woman, presenting the photograph of her children and her bulging belly.

What happened to her husband?

Pregnant Venezuelan border US: What happened to her husband?
Photo: MundoNow

Unfortunately, her difficulties are not over. Now, Yineth will have to wait for her husband to be released by the Border Patrol and ICE, just as she was. She told MundoNow that her husband turned himself in to the authorities a couple of days ago and she is afraid he’s been deported.

“Well, my husband turned himself in the day before yesterday and I left a fortnight ago, but no, he hasn’t arrived yet. It scares me, it scares me that since I’m pregnant, it scares me that he’s going to be deported. And he’s the only one I hang out with, he’s my partner so to say,” Yineth said.

«Let them pass»

Pregnant Venezuelan border US: "let them pass"
Photo: MundoNow

Although her husband’s fate is uncertain, Yineth Carolina has only one request for the United States government and that is that they let the people who have already turned themselves in pass. She was fortunate to be released a fortnight ago and now she hopes that they will let her husband, who accompanied her on this hard journey, pass.

«That at least the people who turned themselves in, at least let them pass. Well, because he already had his papers, but they caught him again,» Yineth Carolina said.

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