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Mhoni Vidente launches prediction and says that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate

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Prediction by Mhoni Vidente, Prediction, Country, MundoNow, News
Prediction by Mhoni Vidente (PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive/Shutterstock)
  • American intervention in Mexico.
  • Replacing Biden with women.
  • Trump consolidating Republican strength.

In a surprising prediction by Mhoni Vidente, the Emperor card has sparked speculation about possible US interventions in politics in Mexico.

According to the report, the change of President Joe Biden is being proposed to make way for a more competitive figure, possibly a woman like Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama.

Furthermore, it is suggested that Donald Trump could re-emerge as a presidential candidate backed by Republicans and influential elites.

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Mhoni Vidente has released her predictions for the month of March, in which her premonitions about the political future of the United States stand out.

She pointed out that Super Tuesday is seen as a crucial moment, where the possibility of removing Biden from the race and replacing him with a more solid option is being considered.

This in an attempt to balance the political balance and indicates who could enter their place ready for the contest.

«Put someone more competitive, a woman, Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama,» said Mhoni with the emperor’ card in her hand.

Prediction by Mhoni Vidente

Mhoni Vidente Trump candidacy, United States, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mhoni Vidente,
Mhoni Vidente on Trump’s candidacy PHOTO Shutterstock

Meanwhile, signs indicate that Trump is consolidating his strength within the Republican Party, projecting himself as the favorite for the next presidential election.

«AND President Donald Trump is stronger than ever,” the fortune teller said about the former president of the United States at this time of primary elections.

«It seems that he is going to be the one chosen entirely by the Republicans and the elite and powerful people of the world to be the next president of the United States,» she revealed.

However, beyond American borders, the judgment card and the Emperor suggest an even more intriguing plot.

Influence on Mexican politics

United States, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mhoni Vidente, Republican Party
Mhoni Vidente on Trump’s candidacy PHOTO Shutterstock

It is suggested that the basements of the White House and the Capitol are scenes of negotiations between the most powerful elites, who would be intervening in the presidential elections in Mexico.

There is talk of videos, leaked information and political maneuvers to influence the electoral result of a country that the United States considers strategic in the region.

«It was notable that the most powerful people in the United States were not going to leave just anyone in the presidency of Mexico, which is their backyard (…) it is the total ally and brother,» she noted.

«So great news is expected from the Capitol or from the White House to completely interfere with the elections in the country of Mexico and in the countries of South America,» she stated.

Intrigues in Mexican politics

United States, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mhoni Vidente, Republican Party
PHOTO MundoNOW Archive

According to Mhoni Vidente, the perspective on the presidency of Mexico from the circles of American power reveals an interest and influence in international politics.

The Emperor card and the signals that emerge from it suggest a network of strategic moves by the United States.

Those ranging from the possible change of the current President Biden during the campaigns for figures like Harris or Michelle Obama, to potential interference in the Mexican elections.

This goes beyond borders and has the potential to generate a far-reaching impact on the political stability of the entire region.

Regional sovereignty and democracy

Republican Party, Elections, Super Tuesday, United States, MundoNOW
PHOTO MundoNOW Archive

It is evident that decisions and actions taken in the corridors of American power can shape the course of events in North America and South America.

Given this, a crucial debate opens about the sovereignty of countries and the right of people to choose their own political destinies without external interference.

It is necessary that the leaders and the international community be alert and prepared to address any attempt to manipulate democratic processes.

Transparency and respect for the popular will must be the pillars on which democracy is built in the region. To see the video click HERE.

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