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Powerlifting champion Laura Delava dies at 18

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  • Powerlifter Laura Delava dies of a severe infection.
  • She was only sick for 24 hours before she died.
  • She was crowned Belgian champion just a few months ago.

MOURNING IN THE POWERLIFTING WORLD. Powerlifting champion Laura Delava died suddenly at only 18 years old. The tragic news was confirmed by her family, who shared that the teenage athlete‘s death was sudden.

Powerlifting requires both strength and endurance. It consists of three phases: the squat, the bench press and the deadlift, according to MEDAC. Delava became known after winning the Belgian championship.


Photo: Instagram

Champion powerlifter Laura Delava has died at the age of 18. Her family shared an Instagram post saying she passed away on April 24, after contracting an infection that progressed rapidly.

“On Monday, 04/24/2023, hope went out at one in the afternoon when the doctor came to announce Laura’s irreparable condition. Therefore, it is with a broken heart that I announce the death of our national sun Laura Delava,” wrote a family member on Instagram, along with several photos.

How did Delava die?

What did Delava die of?
Photo: Instagram

According to El Español, she died due to a severe infection which the doctors were unable to stop. In the post, they stressed that people should remember Laura’s good humor and unique personality.

«Her closest friends will remember her good humor, her tenacity, her willpower and her strong character,» the athlete’s family shared on social media, along with photos where she’s with her loved ones.

A terrible loss

Sportswoman Laura Delava dies: "Today's fatal announcement"
Photo: Instagram

In 2022 Laura Delava began to shine in strength sports and quickly made a name for herself in powerlifting, becoming a fan favorite. Her family asked that her fans remember her with affection.

«Whether you knew her through family, studies, gymnasiums or especially powerlifting, I can imagine and understand your sadness when reading these lines, as I lived through it from yesterday until today’s fatal announcement,» her family stated.

«We all love you Laura»

Sportswoman Laura Delava dies: "We all love you Laura"
Photo: Instagram

“I know that Laura would have wanted to leave everyone with a wonderful memory. She had the opportunity to change my life in many ways and I thank her. I think she can now get some rest. We all love you my Laura,» her family member posted on Instagram.

“On my behalf and on behalf of the club, I want to offer my deepest condolences and wish encouragement to everyone around her. Laura will continue to be an extraordinary athlete for us, highlighted both for her potential and for her personality.” “Sincere condolences, it is difficult to convince yourself that it’s true, that you’re no longer here,” people commented.

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