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Powerball January 19 winning numbers published

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  • These are the wining Powerball numbers for January 19.
  • The jackpot is on fire and you could take a total of $62 million dollars home.
  • Find out if you are the new millionaire this week.

Powerball winning numbers for January 19. The new lucky winner who will take home millions of dollars have been announced. Imagine starting this new year with a lot of money. Well, anything is possible, you just need to buy a lottery ticket and be the new winner.

As every week the million dollar lottery has millions of dollars for you. The guaranteed jackpot for Wednesday, January 19, was $62 million dollars with a cash payment option of $43.3 million. These are the winning numbers for the Powerball draw for Wednesday, January 19, 2022:

11 15 43 55 61 – 10

Power play: 3x

January 19 Powerball Winning Numbers

All participants have the opportunity to win the Powerball jackpot. You just have to carefully choose the numbers that you think will be the lucky ones and that will be the winners. Check to see if you were one of the lucky ones and, if so, claim your prize.

Remember that this draw only takes place twice a week, specifically Wednesdays and Saturdays, so many are waiting to find out how the lottery went. If you have any questions, you can check out and find out whether you are the new millionaire of the week.

Million dollar Draw

January 19 Powerball Winning Numbers: Millionaire Draw
photo powerball

In the same way, by going to the Powerball YouTube channel, you can see the drawing live each week at 11:00 pm. Then, you’ll be able to find out the winning numbers and the amount of the jackpot in case you hit all the numbers.

Each week a winner is announced who becomes a millionaire, just by buying a two dollar ticket. Here it is necessary to rely on luck, since if you hit all the numbers that come out in the draw, you will be the lucky one to take home the jackpot. TO SEE THE DRAW CLICK HERE.

How to play the million dollar lottery?

powerball winning numbers
PHOTO Powerball

You could win the jackpot and become a millionaire in a single payment if all the numbers match, including the red ball. Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and a Powerball number from 1 to 26 or select “QP” (Quik Pik). To increase the prize, for a dollar more per play you just have to check the Powerplay option. If the 5 numbers and the Powerball match, you will win the first prize. If the Powerball does not match, you will win the second prize, and so on.

Days or even weeks will likely pass before the winner claims the prize. Lottery officials and financial managers encourage players to take the time to devise a strategy for investing their hundreds of millions of dollars, and winners often face the security concerns of an immensely wealthy person.

Drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays


The numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday night. So now that you know, prepare in advance and choose your numbers carefully because at any moment you could become a winner. Powerball offers one of the largest jackpots and many people play daily with the hopes of becoming a millionaire.

Men and women of all ages have been winners with really high jackpots and today they enjoy a very good quality of life. If you feel lucky or just want to get a prize just by buying a few numbers, this is your great opportunity, don’t miss it and run for yours. Filed As: Powerball Winning Numbers January 19.

Annuity Value

Annuity Value

And you always still have a 1 in 24.9 chance of winning a prize when the announced jackpot is $1 billion. Even if more tickets are sold for a particular drawing, your chances of winning a prize always remain the same. Jackpot winners can select their prize, either as an annuity, or as a single lump sum payment in cash.

If the annuity option is selected, the winner is guaranteed 30 graduated payments over 29 years. Annual payments increase by 5% until the 30th and last payment. The sum of the 30 payments equals the value of the annuity. Filed As: Powerball Winning Numbers January 19.

Can an undocumented immigrant claim the jackpot?

Can an undocumented immigrant claim the jackpot?

Can an undocumented immigrant claim the jackpot? Many immigrants who don’t have legal status in the United States must be wondering about this: «Can I claim the jackpot, even if I don’t have papers?»

According to the FAQ section of the official Powerball website, one of the most popular lotteries in the country, «you don’t have to be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States to play.» Just get your ticket with your lucky numbers and you can participate. Filed As: Powerball Winning Numbers January 19.

Can I buy tickets online?

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Some states sell Powerball tickets online, but that service is available only to residents of that state. «The sale of Powerball tickets online or by mail across jurisdictional boundaries is restricted and lotteries may refuse to pay prizes for Powerball tickets that were purchased on a website other than their own.»

So be careful where you buy, because if you don’t go to an authorized merchant, even if you have the Powerball winning numbers, you will not be able to claim your prize or become a millionaire. Filed As: Powerball Winning Numbers January 19.

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