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A polar vortex is bearing down on Texas

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  • Extreme cold hits the United States.
  • A polar vortex will impact Texas in the coming days.
  • Get ready for frigid temperatures before Christmas.

Texas polar vortex. One of the coldest winters in recent years is hitting the United States, where temperatures have reached extremes. However, in the next few days a very strong arctic air mass is expected to arrive, bringing extreme cold to Texas.

Meteorologists say that on Friday a polar vortex will impact the Lone Star state, so the extreme cold will hit just a few days before Christmas. Texas authorities are already preparing for the weather and warning the public.

Polar vortex will impact Texas

Polar vortex will impact Texas

However, many do not know exactly what a polar vortex is. Even on social media some users are talking about snowfall. This weather phenomenon does not actually involve snowfall.

«The polar vortex is basically a current of very cold air that remains in the polar portion, a current of wind that rotates at more than 150 miles per hour at a height of 30 miles above the surface,» said Univision meteorologist Gaston Heredia.

«It will affect much of the country before Christmas Eve»

Texas polar vortex: "It will affect much of the country before Christmas Eve"

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the polar vortex does not always influence winter weather in mid-latitudes (in this case between 30° and 60° north). However, when it does, the effects can be extreme.

Even the National Weather Service (NWS) points out on its social networks that: “A significant storm system is forecast to affect much of the country before Christmas Eve. Including heavy rain, snowfall and gusty winds.” Filed Under: Texas Polar Vortex

Frigid temperatures across the country

Frigid temperatures in the country

Frigid temperatures chilled large swaths of the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday and are forecast to do so for the rest of the week as dangerous winter weather conditions continue to affect the region and other parts of the country, according to the The Associated Press.

Wednesday night was likely the coldest night of the season so far in northwestern Washington state, with easterly winds bringing freezing temperatures to some areas, the National Weather Service said. Filed Under: Texas Polar Vortex

Strong winds

Strong winds

The agency also warned that wind chills Thursday could drop to freezing in Portland, Oregon, and potentially as low as 25 degrees below freezing in parts of the Cascades in northern Oregon and southern Washington state.

Those mountainous areas could receive up to five inches of snow and nearly half an inch of ice, with wind gusts possibly exceeding 70 mph above the tree line. Freezing rain is expected to be a «significant» concern in western Washington on Thursday, the NWS said. Filed Under: Texas Polar Vortex

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