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Poder Latinx got out the Latina vote in the Georgia runoffs

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  • Latinas are empowered when they vote.
  • Poder Latinx started a movement to galvanize voters in the Georgia runoffs.
  • What happened?

On December 6, the Georgia runoff for the midterm elections took place and there was a whole celebration dedicated to women. A night watch party was organized which brought together members of many organizations.

An event to empower Latinas was held before the runoff elections to empower them to use their voices and vote. It was a celebration where Hispanic women could gather with their ‘paisanas’ and talk together.

Empowering women

empower women
PHOTO: Courtesy of Poder Latinx

Poder Latinx organized an event called ‘Latinas to the Polls’, which was a celebration to empower Hispanic women before the Georgia runoffs so that each one could be empowered to find their voice and cast a vote.

The event centered around a caravan to the polls, with Latina women serving as speakers and attendees receiving car magnets to decorated their vehicles. They gathered together to head to the polls.

The start of the caravan

started the caravan
PHOTO: Courtesy of Poder Latinx

The procession began in the parking lot of the Poder Latinx office and took voters to the Lucky Shoals Park Community Recreation Center, an early voting location. They all arrived on time and took a place in line to get their ballots.

Each of the women who attended was given food and water, before leaving in the caravan. Several Latinas attended this small meeting. They took their seats to listen to the speakers.

Early voting events for Latinas

Latina Women Voting Georgia: Pre-voting Events
PHOTO: Courtesy of Poder Latinx

On Twitter, Poder Latinx thanked all those involved who were at the event where the mission was to empower women, to see how strong the Latina vote can be.

The Latino vote has become the second largest segment of the potential electorate in the United States, representing 14.3% of the country’s electoral census. For this reason, they wanted to show these women how important they are. FILED UNDER: Latina women vote Georgia

The Latino vote

Latina Women Voting Georgia: The Latino Vote
PHOTO: Twitter

The midterm elections in the US this year were especially important due to the polarization that could threaten democratic stability. This vote was even said to be important in deciding whether the government can continue to function.

The midterm elections were held on November 8 in the United States and they decided control of Congress. The Democrats managed to gain a majority in the Senate but not in the House of Representatives.  FILED UNDER: Latina women voting Georgia

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