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Sargento El Podcast: Carlos Cornejo arrives at Óyenos Audio on MundoNOW

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Sargento El Podcast, police, crime, Sargento Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, policía, Colorado, MundoNOW
PHOTO: MundoNOW, Podcast Carlos Cornejo
  • He is the most famous ‘Sargento’ in the Hispanic community.
  • Now, he has his own podcast.
  • He will share advice of all kinds.

‘Sargento’ Carlos Cornejo finally has his podcast, and it’s brought to you by the leader in Hispanic media, MundoNOW, through its Óyenos Audio platform.

The questions you’ve always had—about what to do in the event of a police stop or what your rights are—will be answered on «Sargento El Podcast

This podcast is now available on all platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, where you can listen to it for free.

Cornejo has become one of the Hispanic police officers most loved by the Hispanic community, and his 2.9 million followers on Facebook prove it.

To listen to El Sargento The Podcast, click on the image

Sargento El Podcast, Carlos Cornejo, Óyenos Audio, MundoNOW, police

MundoNOW and Óyenos AUDIO are proud to present «Sargento, El Podcast,» where Carlos Cornejo will be your guide on a journey through issues of social interest.

Not only will police matters be discussed, but Cornejo will also address the principal challenges facing the Hispanic community in the United States.

Topics will range from U.S. laws and your rights as an immigrant to social issues and much more.

Every Monday, a new podcast from ‘Sargento’ Cornejo will be available. Currently, there are three episodes ready for you to listen to.

Podcast Carlos Cornejo Episode 1: Problems with neighbors and self-defense

Hispanic, famous, influencer, social networks, Óyenos Audio
PHOTO: Facebook Sergeant Carlos Cornejo

In the first episode, now available on Óyenos Audio, Cornejo explains what you can do when you have problems with your neighbors.

Is there anything you can do legally? Cornejo will help you answer that question.

He also discusses the circumstances under which you can defend yourself when you are a victim of a crime.

And he tackles another highly debated topic, especially within the Hispanic community: Should you hit your children?

Episode 2: Artificial intelligence and my migration to the United States

police, agent, patrols, siren, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Facebook Sargento Carlos Cornejo

The second episode of «Sargento El Podcast» is also now available on all Óyenos Audio platforms.

In this episode, Cornejo talks about dealing with the numerous fake accounts on social networks and the risks of artificial intelligence.

Drawing from his police experience, he has witnessed first-hand the myriad of scams present on social networks today and provides guidance on how to avoid them.

Additionally, he seizes the opportunity to share how he came to the United States as an immigrant, a journey shared by many other Hispanics.

Episode 3: How to prepare for a disaster and police chases

Carlos Cornejo, podcast, Óyenos Audio, MundoNOW, Hispanic
PHOTO: Facebook Sargento Carlos Cornejo

Surely, you’ve often wondered what to do in the event of a shooting. Well, in this episode, Cornejo tells you exactly that.

But also, the famous ‘Sargento’ guides you on how to prepare for a catastrophe.

In this episode, he also discusses what to do in the case of police chases and much more.

Those who have listened to the first three episodes are already eager to see what else Cornejo is going to share on his podcast.

Who is Carlos Cornejo?

agent, officer, patrol, close up, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Facebook Sergeant Carlos Cornejo

Sargento Carlos Cornejo spent 12 years with the Rifle Police Department, a city situated about 280 miles west of Denver, Colorado.

During his tenure as a police officer, he earned the trust of the Latino community residing in that mountain town.

However, Sargento Cornejo has transcended beyond this locale, becoming an influencer and connecting with a community of 2.2 million followers on Facebook across the United States.

On Facebook, Cornejo has shared insights into his work as a law enforcement officer as well as other facets of his personal life, such as his family and love for music.

«It is something very encouraging and nice to feel the affection of people»

serenade, surprise, sick dad, Raúl Cornejo, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Facebook Sergeant Carlos Cornejo

Among the facets that Cornejo has shared on his Facebook is the surprise he gave his father after he was hospitalized for surgery.

After the operation, Raúl Cornejo, 67 years old and the Sergeant’s father, returned home. It was on that same day when he was surprised with an emotional serenade to «lift his spirits and make him smile.»

«He began to shed a few tears and, in a few words, expressed his thanks to everyone who had been praying for him, and told me that he loves me very much,» Cornejo recounted at the time.

«It’s incredibly uplifting and heartwarming to feel people’s affection. I believe in the power of prayer, and being able to tell my dad that everyone is praying for him provides encouragement for us as a family.»

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