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Video of El Pirata de Culiacán stating that he is not dead (VIDEO)

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  • Video of El Pirata de Culiacán stating that he is not dead.
  • He was a famous YouTuber who enjoyed a life of luxury.
  • This video makes people wonder if he is really still alive.

Almost five years after the death of young Juan Luis Lagunas, better known as El Pirata de Culiacán, who was shot in a bar in 2017, a video of the YouTuber stating that he is not dead appears. Now people wonder whether he was really killed.

In a YouTube video, El Pirata appears in a vehicle stating that he has not died, raising questions among internet users. El Pirata claims that he has not yet died, that he is alive and enjoying life from inside a car.

Video of El Pirata de Culiacán appears and he says that he is alive

Pirate Culiacán denies death

Juan Luis Lagunas was known as «El Pirata de Culiacán». He was a famous Mexican YouTuber who dared to mock El Mencho. He was just 17 years old when he was shot 15 times in a bar in Zapopan, Jalisco, in December 2017.

His murder was due to a video where the young man challenges El Mencho saying, ‘You s*** …’. His friends were alarmed and asked him to be quiet but the life of El Pirata de Culiacán was ended in a Jalisco bar when an armed commando mercilessly shot him.

«I’m going to die»

Pirate Culiacán denies death: "That I will be dead"

The YouTube channel of Noches de Youtube con Fologan“ shared the video of Juan Luis Lagunas stating that he is not dead. In the clip you can see the YouTuber enjoying a snack and a soda, showing off them to his fans.

“What’s up people? How I am going to be dead? Here I am eating. … I am more alive than a horse. Here I am enjoying life… ,» said El Pirata de Culiacán in the controversial video as he turned on his radio and listen to his music at full volume.

The truth is revealed

Pirate Culiacán denies death: They reveal the truth

It should be remembered that El Pirata de Culiacán was shot dead by a group of armed men in a bar in Jalisco, Mexico, in December 2017. Therefore, they investigated the clip to see if he was really alive or not.

They state that the recording is indeed the famous Mexican YouTuber who had shared it on social media but, apparently, the clip was shared months before he was shot, on June 13, 2017. It was a different different account that made it viral, making it seem that he was alive.

El Pirata de Culiacán’s short but luxurious life

Pirate Culiacán denies death: His short but luxurious life

On social media, several young people follow in the footsteps of El Pirata de Culiacán, wanting to life a life of luxury, alcohol, parties and women. However, the 17-year-old never imagined that his popularity and his words would betray him when he mocked El Mencho, who is believed to have ordered his murder.

The short life of El Pirata de Culiacán was ruled by excesses, alcohol, drugs, parties and women. However it was never known if he really had a relationship with a girl before his murder. Days later a mysterious woman was shot and she left several messages and photos. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

The words that caused his death

The words that caused his death

At one of his many parties, dressed in red, a bit drunk and very proud of his extravagance, feeling like the king of the world, El Pirata decided to insult El Mencho. Today, it is believed those insults cost him his life.

In fact, what he said surprised the friends who were recording him. They did not expect the threat that would come out of his mouth and they stopped the video, asking him to ‘calm down’. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO THAT COST HIM HIS LIFE.

YouTuber reveals that he witnessed the murder

The moment of the murder

Previously, the Mexican YouTuber known as “HotSpanish” revealed that he witnessed the murder of El Pirata de Culiacán. In an interview with fellow YouTuber Gusgri, the young man told about everything that happened that fateful night.

What happened? Why they killed him? There are many stories about El Pirata de Cualiacán’s death. After three years, HotSpanish, who was at the scene, breaks his silence to tell what happened that night.

How did he get in trouble?

How did you get in trouble?
El Pirata de Culiacán (YouTube)

HotSpanish reveals that he does not know how El Pirata de Culiacán’ got into trouble. «He was walking up and down. I don’t know where his problems could come from,» he said in the interview.

“There were many theories. There is a theory of the girl on the phone,» he added about speculation surrounding Lagunas’ death. However, he took a few minutes to explain what happened that night. Filed Under: Culiacán Pirate denies death

The moment of the murder

Youtuber reveals that he witnessed the murder of the Pirate of Culiacán
Youtuber reveals that he witnessed the murder of El Pirata de Culiacán. Photo: Youtube interview

“That day I was depressed. I had been drinking for several days before. I don’t know if it happened to you, but if you drink for several days, you stop drinking and feel like you are agitated. He was like that. I didn’t even want to record blogs. I was invited and went along,» he said.

Suddenly, the unexpected happened: a burst of bullets. “That mess happened and I went to the United States quick. I arrived (at the bar) and instantly this happened. We were just sitting down and I didn’t know what to do. I heard the gunshots and so on. El Pirata was arriving, he was going to the back,” he said. Filed Under: Culiacán Pirate denies death

What’s going on?

What's going on?
Photo: IG Pirata de Culiacán

In the midst of the uproar and fear, the Mexican YouTuber only thought about saving his life. «My reaction was ‘What is happening?’ You panic. My instinct was to save myself. At the time I wanted to save me. He didn’t know who they were shooting at. I left the place. Others ran. I didn’t see how, or who, or from where.”

His panic was so great that HotSpanish left Mexico just hours after the attack in which El Pirata de Culiacán lost his life. Despite his attempts to get away from the situation, the police stopped him at the airport to ask what had happened at the bar. Filed Under: Culiacán Pirate denies death

Juan Luis Lagunas had worked since he was little

El Pirata de Culiacán exposed a life of excesses on his social networks. Photo: Instagram

El Pirata de Culiacán was born in Villa Juárez, Novalato municipality in Sinaloa. This is an area controlled and disputed by the Sinaloa Cartel. His parents abandoned him and his grandmother raised him.

At the age of 14 he dropped out of school and began to work. He began to get into parties, alcohol and drugs. This is how his YouTuber life began, full of videos and images with weapons, drinks, making bets and singing corridos. With all that and some drunken screaming he got thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Filed Under: Culiacán Pirate denies death


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