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Piqué’s mother is caught insulting Shakira’s mother

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Montserrat está sufriendo por su hijo
  • Apparently Piqué’s mother couldn’t stand Shakira’s parents.
  • People attack Monserrat Bernabeu online.
  • Shakira’s fans defend her mother.

Almost one year has passed since Shakira and Piqué split. Since then the bad relationship between their families has come to light. Now a video of their mothers’ rivalry has been leaked.

It turns out that the mother of the former soccer player couldn’t stand the Analogía singer’s family. A video that was leaked on social media shows the moment Piqué’s mother was rude to Shakira’s parents.

They couldn’t stand each other!

They couldn't stand each other!
PHOTO: Instagram

A video of the moment Piqué’s mother insulted Shakira’s parents, Nydia Ripoll and William Merabak Chadid, has been leaked on TikTok. The video shared by TikTok user @babilois shows them all being photographed together.

While Shakira is hugging Piqué and posing between Gerard Piqué’s parents, her parents are next to Monserrat Bernabeu. Piqué’s mother, who is apparently trying to get someone’s attention, blocks Nydia Ripoll and repeatedly puts her arm in her face.

What did Shakira do?

Did the Colombian allow it?
PHOTO: Instagram

As Shakira’s mother tries dodging Monserrat’s arm, social media users have reacted to the video and said Shakira should have stood next to her parents: «But, Shakira, why didn’t she put her parents next to her?»

«What Clara did was a tremendous favor to Shaki.» «What I don’t understand is how Shakira allowed that.» However, there was also criticism of Piqué’s mother, Monserrat Bernabeu: «Her attitude, that talks about what that woman is like.» «That’s how mothers-in-law are, they feel superior to the daughter-in-law’s family.»

Piqué’s mother didn’t want Shakira’s parents in the photo

Mother Piqué and mother Shakira: I didn't want them in the photo
PHOTO: Instagram

Body language expert Maryfer Centeno analyzed the gestures of both mothers and said it was exactly what it looked like. «This is body language, no words are needed,» the Mexican wrote on Instagram.

In the video you can clearly Monserrat blocking Shakira’s parents with her arm several times and even Maryfer herself noticed that Monserrat had a superior attitude towards them.

Internet users defend Shakira’s mother

Mother Piqué and mother Shakira: They defend Shakira's mother
PHOTO: Instagram

«Please, the rudeness, the humiliation from Pique’s mother to Shakira’s mother. Look how the lady at the end makes a crooked mouth that reflects discomfort.” The body language expert says, “She only looks at the face that she makes as if she feels superior, this is a face of contempt.”

Netizens commented: «I can’t imagine what Shakira endured behind closed doors with that family, if it’s evident on camera.» «The only thing to note here is that Shakira’s mother is a LADY with ALL THE EXTENSION OF THE WORD. She always kept her cool and was super respectful.»

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