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Piqué reacts to Shakira’s new song, ‘Monotonía’

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  • Shakira releases a song for Piqué called Monotonía.
  • The footballer was asked what he thought about it.
  • Find out how Shakira’s ex responded.

Gerard Piqué was asked what he thinks of Shakira’s new song called Monotonía, that is allegedly a message to him, after the Spanish soccer player’s alleged infidelity was revealed months ago. This is according to paparazzi Jordi Martin on Willax Television‘s Amor y Fuego.

Martin said the following: «Today I have been at Shakira’s house and tomorrow I will be there all day because we are just a few hours away from the world premiere and you cannot imagine who appeared today. Those images were taken this afternoon I took them when Shakira arrived at her home.”


Shakira Piqué song monotony

“Today she has had a totally normal day of taking the children to school, she has returned home, and 30 minutes after Shakira arrived, Gerard Piqué appears. What a coincidence that on a day as special as today he appears. He has waited 10 minutes at the door, they have not let him in,” said the reporter.

And he added: “And of course I had to go on top of the car and ask him questions and say: Gerard, what do you think of the Monotonía lyrics? Rodrigo wanted to kill me. I have to tell you one thing, the video clip with Ozuna is shot in a city 30 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​and people wondered why she recorded in that town,” he said about Shakira and Piqué and the song Monotonía.


Colombian deception
Photo File

“Well, let everyone know, she recorded in that town because that is the city where the most infidelities were committed in 2021. You know that she is an intelligent person, I have asked Gerard about the lyrics ‘this ends because you were colder than Christmas,'» the paparazzi snapped at the ex-footballer’s face.

The paparazzi says that Barcelona has signed an agreement with Spotify to carry its brand on their uniform, however, they have reached an agreement that the song of the artist with the most downloads will be played at the team’s official matches, so it is suspected that Shakira’s name may soon appear on the shirt. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Shakira Piqué song monotonia


Shakira Piqué song monotony
Photo File

So he was immediately asked if Piqué would be willing to go out and play like this, to which he replied that he is a «salaried worker» and would have to abide by what his employer says. This whole issue has generated a lot of controversy in show business and among the people who follow the artist.

Returning to the topic of the footballer’s reaction to his ex’s new song, the paparazzi said the following: «His face was angry, terrible. I was asking him about the lyrics that clearly talk about him.» So far Piqué has not commented about it. Filed Under: Shakira Piqué song monotony


colombian deception
PHOTO: Reforma Agency

Immediately, some people reacted to this news and said: «Jordy has shown that Shakira is the winner, that man is a real loser, tell Clara on behalf of Shak’s followers, thank you, she got a loser off her.» «Definitely Shakira is very, very intelligent, nothing escapes her, Manresa is the city with the most infidelities.”

Others commented: “I find Monotonía’s video to be super strong and shocking. Seeing Shakira dropping a missile on her, seeing her with a hole in her chest and having her bloody hands clutching her heart, as I say, is very powerful. I understand that she always expresses her feelings in her lyrics and in her videos, only that she must have thought that she is followed, loved and admired by many children and adolescents and that so much violence was not necessary.” Filed Under: Shakira Piqué song monotony

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