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More infidelities? Piqué is caught with another woman who is not Clara Chía

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Gerard Piqué Irina Shyak
  • Gerard Piqué is caught with another woman.
  • The Spaniard was living like a single man in Paris.
  • Did he cheat on Clara Chía?

In recent weeks, the conflict between singer Shakira and former soccer player Gerard Piqué has gone viral due to their breakup provoked by the Spaniard’s infidelity with 23-year-old Clara Chía, who is now his girlfriend After announcing their breakup, the former FC Barcelona defender went public with his new relationship.

Then the Colombian singer sparked more controversy a few days ago when she released her new song with Bizarrap, Music Sessions #53, which she used to send clear hints to her ex and his new lover. You traded a Rolex for a Casio and a Ferrari for a Twingo are some of the lyrics of Shakira’s song.

Gerard Piqué is seen with Irina Shayk

Capture Gerard Piqué with Irina Shyak

Now there are rumors that Piqué has cheated on his new 23-year-old girlfriend, since the Spaniard was captured by the media in Paris, the «City of Love», in the company of another woman. It was definitely not his ex Shakira, is this another infidelity?

The former soccer player was with, none other than, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex, model Irina Shayk. They posed together for the paparazzi who discovered them at an NBA game. They both enjoyed the basketball game.

Did Piqué cheat on Clara Chía?

Gerard Piqué Irina Shyak: Was he unfaithful to Clara Chía?

An NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons took place on Thursday in Paris, France. Everything seems to indicate that Shakira’s ex was just enjoying the game. There were several other celebrities in the game as well, including soccer player Tchouamení, Pharell Williams, Naomi Campbell, Magic Johnson and Charles Leclerc.

The game was held at the Accor Arena, which is where Irina met Gerard and they took the opportunity to take some pictures and immortalize that moment. It is worth mentioning that at no time were there signs of infidelity on Piqué’s part and the meeting appeared very respectful, according to AS. Filed Under: Gerard Piqué Irina Shayk

Why wasn’t he with his girlfriend?

Why wasn't it his girlfriend?

According to El Tiempo, Shakira’s ex traveled to France without his current girlfriend Clara Chía, supposedly to avoid subjecting her to more media exposure. This, in the wake of the Colombian singer’s new song.

Internet users reacted to the situation and gave their point of view on social media: “He is hyper handsome. May he have fun with everyone and not tie himself to any. I applaud him.” “And now everything this man does, everyone has to know.” “Because wherever she goes she receives insults,” were some comments. Filed Under: Gerard Piqué Irina Shayk

CR7’s ex was the culprit

The ex of CR7 was the culprit

Some videos have been circulating on social media where you can see former FC Barcelona defender just enjoying the basketball game. It was when the model approached the Spaniard to take a photo that rumors of an alleged infidelity began to circulate.

In a video by GalaFr, you can see CR7’s ex-girlfriend coming to where Piqué was sitting to greet him cordially and that’s when they took some photos. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Filed Under: Gerard Piqué Irina Shayk

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