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How to choose the best vehicle to transport tools?

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pickup or van the king wheels / Camioneta o van el rey ruedas
  • Is a Pickup Truck or a Van Better?
  • El Rey Ruedas Explains the Benefits of Both
  • Keep Reading to Find Out

David Camero, better known as El Rey Ruedas, helps you choose wisely when you’re still undecided between a pickup truck or a van for transporting your tools.

Most people working in mechanics or construction like to keep their tools in a safe and organized place in the vehicle.

This is to prevent them from getting lost, damaged, or causing any inconvenience among workers when commuting to their job sites.

Truck or van? This is the question Henry Partida, 35 years old, asks himself to carry out his work optimally and without delays.

Pickup or Van?

pick up or van, truck, David Camero, MundoNOW

The Hispanic man argues that a van could be an ideal option to mobilize mechanical equipment, as they are protected from common crime and would prevent them from getting wet in the rainy season.

Other users are more fascinated by trucks or pickups when they are extravagant, luxurious, and safe.

But it should be made clear that the tools would be housed in the unprotected rear box, unless an independent storage system is added.

That would represent an additional expense in the family budget.

Advantages of the Van

advantages of the van, King Wheels, transportation, Motor, tools, MundoNOW

Despite being a light and commercial vehicle, the van or van is used to mobilize teams and groups of people.

King Wheels explains The bus is 100 percent closed and that offers a feeling of security, since the tools are protected from climate changes and theft.

Another positive aspect, according to David Camero, is that this unit has solid bases to place the ladder.

This provides safe mobility from the house to the place where the work is to be carried out.

Advantages of the truck

tail box of truck, Rey Ruedas, dealership, Motor, tools, MundoNOW

The pickup truck, besides being spacious and eye-catching, has the ability to transport heavy cargo completely separated from the cabin.

However, David Camero presents another alternative: «I recommend the pickup truck because it offers more luxury and comfort options.»

The final decision is up to the driver, who has to evaluate which vehicle best suits their work or family needs.

So think carefully about what is really convenient for you so that your workday and that of your workers can take place in a pleasant environment.

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