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Photos of Vicente Fernández’s grave show something strange (PHOTOS)

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  • The first photos of the eternal resting place of the Charro come out.
  • Vicente Fernández’s grave is covered in white flowers.
  • Followers notice a strange detail on his tombstone.

Photos of Vicente Fernández’s grave show something strange. After the death of Vicente Fernández, the instructions left by «El Charro de Huentitán» were very clear. His children are complying with them and one request was that they leave the doors of his ranch «Los 3 Potrillos» open.

Gerardo Fernández, the youngest son of “Chente”, has confirmed that the public will be able to visit the ranch. He told this to media who asked about what would happen to his father’s iconic property, now that he is no longer there, according to the agency El Universal. The remains of «El Charro de Huentitán» are now resting there.

Vicente Fernández’s tomb will be open at his ranch, “Los Tres Potrillos”

The ranch "The Three Foals" where is Vicente Fernández's grave will be open

«Who will run the ranch now?» “That is why my father will stay here, for those who want to come and visit him, this is the house of all the people,» he told the program «Venga la Alegría,» according to Agencia El Universal.

Regarding the Fernández family’s state of mind, Gerardo said: “We have never been devastated, because my father has taught us to be strong […] It was a nightmare for the whole family.” He made these statements as photos of the Charro’s tomb come to light.

Photos of Don Vicente Fernández’s grave

They show the grave of Don Vicente Fernández

During his homage, respecting the family and the remains of Chente, the public carefully followed each of Father Óscar Sánchez Barba’s instructions. He recalled the religious devotion of the Catholic actor and his beautiful voice. After this massive tribute, the family privately buried the singer.

The program Suelta La Sopa, shared photos of Vicente Fernández’s grave on Instagram. «I think that the most important thing in Vicente’s life was not his songs, but the beauty of his life, a simple, kind and charitable man who knew how to exist in high society, just like in the most humble levels» declared the priest who officiated Fernandez’s tribute.

Vicente Fernández’s grave is covered with white flowers

They fill Vicente Fernández's grave with white flowers

«For this reason, all the people, all of America and the Hispanic people love him, not only for his songs but for the beauty of his soul,» added the priest, according to Agencia Reforma. The body of the father of Vicente Fernández Jr., Gerardo Fernández and Alejandra Fernández, who is his adopted daughter, remained on top of a stage.

Surrounded by family, friends and celebrities, such as Pedro Fernández, Julio César Chávez, Aída Cuevas and Gloria Calzada, the tribute was held, which lasted 21 hours. As many as 15 thousand people attended the mass with the body present, and another 55 thousand People said goodbye to Chente between Sunday and Monday, according to Agencia Reforma.

A strange detail on Vicente Fernández’s grave

Strange detail in Vicente Fernández's grave

Vicente Fernández represented ranchera music for almost five decades. He was, and will continue to be, one of the most iconic singers in Mexico and his musical legacy will continue for generations, much like Pedro Infante or Jorge Negrete, points out Agencia El Universal.

His roots have been perpetuated by his family even in his eternal resting place, where a ‘strange’ detail surprised many. In the photos of Vicente Fernández’s tomb, a small equestrian sculpture is shown. It’s a small figure of el Charro riding a horse in his typical costume.

The supposed ‘truth’ about Vicente Fernández’s death comes out. Did his family lie?

DON CHENTE ASKED TO BE DISCONNECTED? The supposed 'truth' of Vicente Fernández's death comes out, did his family lie?

The supposed ‘truth’ that the family concealed about the death of Vicente Fernández comes to light. The «Charro de Huentitán» was a man who gave himself to the world of charrería and Mexican traditions, so his tribute and funeral did not lack charros or multiple references to this world full of traditions.

Among the 15,000 attendees at his mass, people wore hats and costumes typical of the art and discipline arising from equestrian activities, according to Agencia Reforma. The Mariachi Azteca performed at the ceremony, and Las Margaritas de Huentitán and Hacienda Los Colomos walked between the sites.

The supposed ‘truth’ about Vicente Fernández’s death is revealed

They discover the supposed 'truth' of the death of Vicente Fernández
PHOTO Instagram


Before the religious farewell, a documentary was screened about the life of the artist. He died on Sunday at the age of 81 and was remembered with testimonies from family and friends, and the same idol who founded his Los Tres Potrillos ranch in 1980, says Agencia Reforma. Interviews about his life before fame, his rise and glory in the music industry, and his film appearances thrilled audiences.

The death was announced at 6:15 in the morning of last Sunday, December 12, however, it has come out that the death of the Charro may not have happened the way everyone thought it did.

This was the last goodbye to Vicente Fernández

This was the last goodbye
PHOTO Reform Agency

Tv Notas revealed that on the afternoon of Saturday, December 11, Fernández was transported to his iconic ranch «Los Tres Potrillos», to fulfill his last wish, according to the Mexican media. The media outlet would only say their source was close to the Fernández family.

«He was so worn out that it was very impressive to see him like this and we were all prepared for his departure,» the source told the Mexican magazine. The singer’s remains were buried behind closed doors on his ranch, where the actor also lived.

Alleged details about Don Vicente just before his death

They reveal alleged details of how he was before his death
PHOTO Reform Agency

After the mass, in which Chente’s son Alejandro Fernández performed the song “Volver, Volver” and spoke to the public, the funeral was held in private. Hundreds of fans settled along the fences of the property in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga with the hope of being able to see the ceremony from afar, according to Agencia Reforma.

“For a few months he had kidney failure and, in addition, his lung collapsed, which worsened his situation. The doctors still managed to stabilize him for two months, but he was already very weak and, finally, his heart failed,» the source told TV Notas. However, the most incredible thing about the article would come out later.

What Don Vicente supposedly asked for before he died

allegedly asked to be disconnected at his ranch, says a source from TV Notes
PHOTO Reform Agency

The person who was allegedly close to the Fernández family declared something unexpected. «Well yes. I’m going to tell you something, when he entered the hospital because of a fall and could still speak, he told Doña Cuquita that if his health got complicated, he wanted to say goodbye to everyone and die in peace on his ranch and if it was necessary, it was better to disconnect him from life support,» they told TV Notas.

The tribute after his death was held at the VFG Arena, lasted 21 hours and was visited by a total of 55,000 people, including fans from other countries, says Agencia Reforma. The tribute to Vicente Fernández lowered the curtain with the hymn “Volver, Volver”. There was nothing better from his repertoire to mark his return to Rancho Los Tres Potrillos.

Doña Cuquita fulfilled the last wish of Don Vicente

gave unexpected instruction for his remains
PHOTO Reform Agency

“Yes, and it was Cuquita who, with all the pain in her heart, spoke with her children and found out about their father’s wish. So now, as they saw that he was surely going to die in the hospital, they took him to his ranch as he wanted, but they planned everything so that no one, not even the press, would find out, and that a scandal would not break out,» the source told the Mexican magazine.

The voice of Alejandro Fernández, powerful and at times broken, was in charge of reliving the successful 1972  album ¡Arriba Huentitán! He was backed by a choir made up of 15,000 of his father’s fans. The Mexican magazine also indicated that they carried out the ‘plan‘ to disconnect the Charro from life support. Filed Under: Truth Death Tomb Vicente Fernández

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