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Photo of Ben Affleck looking cozy with his ex Jennifer Garner surfaces

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Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner getting cozy?
  • The exes have a friendly relationship.
  • They have 3 children together.

A photo of Ben Affleck with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner has begun to circulate on social media, and it has people talking.

The actor recently married Jennifer Lopez in a star-studded wedding.

Affleck and Garner, in addition to having been married for many years, still spend time together thanks to their three children.

However, this photograph has raised suspicions since they are appear to be alone, looking very affectionate in a car together.

Ben Affleck getting cozy with Jennifer Garner?

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PHOTO Shutterstock

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spent more than a decade together as a couple, until their relationship ended in 2018.

They are still raising their children together. The ex-couple share three children, which is why they still remain cordial.

In addition, even after their split, Jennifer Garner was there for him during one of Affleck’s darkest periods.

She stayed by his side as the actor battled an alcohol problem and went to rehab.

Ben Affleck caught with his ex

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PHOTO Mezcalent

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been seen together since their divorce on multiple occasions, especially with their children.

On occasion, Garner and Affleck’s kids have even been seen walking with Jennifer Lopez and her children.

However, internet users are buzzing over the fact that this photo looks different than other pictures of the ex-couple.

This time they’re alone inside a car.

Ben Affleck photographed in a car with his ex

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PHOTO Shutterstock

In this new photograph you can see the famous exes inside a vehicle with Affleck at the wheel.

Apparently Garner and Affleck are alone with each other in the car.

In the photo they’re very close together and seem affectionate.

Jennifer Garner is smiling, while Ben Affleck, also with a smile, leans on the actress’s shoulder.

Is Ben Affleck cheating on JLo?

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Once the photograph was shared on social media, people immediately weighed in.

Despierta América shared the pic on its official Instagram account and followers began to comment right away.

Some have speculated that the actor is cheating on Jennifer Lopez with his ex, Jennifer Garner.

Meanwhile other people have jumped to the defense of JLo’s husband, arguing that Affleck and Garner are simply cordial with each other.

Comments on the photo

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«A song is coming with Karol G, Shakira, Rosalia and JLo, a THEME!» one person joked in the comments.

«JLo’s new album will be called ‘El affectionoso’.» «This smells like divorce,» others chimed in.

«Oh dad, it smells like shit to me, all these artists are the same,» another person commented on the post.

«I’ve always thought she was his safe place,» someone else added.

Fans defend Affleck

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PHOTO Shutterstock

«They have a good relationship as parents.» “They stopped being a couple, not a family,” defended one person in the comments.

«They are just friends, and there is always love and appreciation,» added another person on the post about the star.

«I expect everything from them except love affairs,» said someone else.

«There’s nothing wrong with that when they get along and share their children with other couples,» said yet another fan.

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