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Was Marc Anthony groping his mother-in-law at his wedding? (PHOTOS)

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  • A photo of Marc Anthony and his mother-in-law has sparked criticism.
  • People criticize the Puerto Rican singer.
  • Is Nadia Ferreira pregnant?

A strange detail in Marc Anthony’s wedding photo. Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony’s wedding was a success. The couple had a luxurious party with famous guests and the couple’s family. A day later, photos of the big event were revealed and everyone seems to have had an amazing time.

However, some photos have made fans wonder if Nadia Ferreira is pregnant, since she appears to have a bump in some of the pictures. A photo of Marc Anthony with his mother-in-law, has also attracted a lot of attention.

A strange detail in the photo of Marc Anthony and his mother-in-law

Detail in Marc Anthony's wedding photograph
PHOTO: Instagram

Nadia and Mark Anthony’s fans notice every detail. Now a photo of the famous couple’s reception has put the Vivir Mi Vida singer in a bad light. In the photo we can see Marc Anthony between his mother-in-law and his wife.

However, there’s something strange. It appears the singer’s hand is on Nadia Ferreira’s mother’s breast. This has raised a strong wave of criticism from followers of La Lengua Teve on Instagram.

What was Marc Anthony doing with his hand?

Detail in Marc Anthony's wedding photograph
PHOTO: Instagram

Hola! magazine had an exclusive on the wedding where they revealed hundreds of photos of the gorgeous event. Unfortunately, the photograph that we mentioned above has attracted the most attention, generating criticism.

«I notice that Marquito’s hand is on the ‘bubi’ of the other.» «Marc’s hand on the mother-in-law.» «How ugly the position of his hand on the lady.» «What I saw was that hand in the t***” “That hand of Marc that the mother-in-law embraces, dangerous isn’t it?” “Marc should have married the mother-in-law, they are more in line both physically and in age,” said some users.

Was Nadia Ferreira pregnant at her wedding?

PHOTO: Instagram

Although none of Marc Anthony’s children were at his wedding to Nadia Ferreira, it’s possible he has a seventh on the way. According to El Financiero and Telemundo, the Y hay alguien singer could be expecting a baby with his new wife.

Some new photos in Hola!, now shared by various Instagram sites such as La Lengua Te Ve, show why people are speculating that Nadia could be pregnant.

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