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Peso Pluma kisses Anitta at the Pa’l Norte festival in Mexico

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Peso Pluma kisses Anitta (Photo: Mezclaent)
  • The singers surprised at the festival
  • Peso Pluma and the Brazilian
  • He gave her an incredible gift

During her recent performance at Tecate Pal Norte, Anitta, the renowned Brazilian artist, delivered a show that was not only remembered for her iconic sensual dances but also for a surprising moment.

She invited Peso Pluma onto the stage.

However, what garnered even more attention was the kiss that Peso Pluma gave to Anitta, marking a standout moment within the festival.

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They surprise at the festival

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Peso Pluma kisses Anitta (PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive)

Together, they delighted the audience with their performance of «Bellaqueo,» a musical collaboration between the two.

The chemistry between them was palpable as they flowed in perfect harmony on stage, elevating the concert atmosphere to new heights.

Excited fans cheered and danced to the music, relishing this unique moment where two stars shone together on stage.

And they surprised everyone when they kissed in the midst of the performance, prompting attendees to cheer even louder.

Have you already gotten over Nicki Nicole?

Tecate Pal Norte, dances, sensual, moment, mundonow
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

Following Peso Pluma’s breakup with Nicki Nicole, his closeness with Anitta becomes evident, marking a new chapter in his life.

The collaboration between Anitta and Peso Pluma in «Bellaqueo» began while he was still with Nicki Nicole, revealing his interest in Anitta after their breakup.

The audience watched with interest the dynamics between the artists on stage, speculating about a possible personal connection.

This episode adds an exciting dimension to Anitta’s performance at Tecate Pal Norte, injecting an element of intrigue and romance into the event.

They remember when Peso Pluma ignored her

Nikki Nicole, collaboration, Bellaqueo, personal, mundonow
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

The still vivid memory of Anitta provocatively dancing in front of Peso Pluma, who seemed to completely ignore her, sparked a viral phenomenon.

At that moment, some women replicated the situation with men who pretended indifference to their passionate moves.

This event marked a milestone on social media, sparking discussions about male behavior and beauty standards.

The public’s reaction was varied, ranging from laughter to serious debates about social dynamics surrounding flirting and attraction.

They celebrate Anitta’s birthday

Peso Pluma kisses Anitta PHOTO: Mezclaent

On stage, both of them were seen happy, especially the Mexican, who surprised Anitta with a birthday cake shaped like a buttock, celebrating her birthday.

She smiled and then agreed to give him a kiss, creating a tender moment. This sparked rumors among their fans, who have been shipping them for a long time.

The release of «Bellaqueo» on music platforms only fueled more speculation about a possible relationship between the two artists.

The chemistry between them was evident to everyone present, fueling the illusion that there could be something more than just a musical collaboration.

Follower reaction

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PHOTO: X (Twitter)

Fans of both singers have had very diverse reactions: «He traded a Cassio for a Rolex. No one remembers Nicki Nicole anymore.»

«Prime time for Peso Pluma is coming, 5 albums quickly,» «Hassan giving a masterclass in seduction,» users commented on X (formerly Twitter).

«Peso Pluma wastes no time,» «He looks like a 5-year-old getting all excited over a simple peck, poor loser,» they wrote.

«Yesterday crying and playing the victim, singing the song he dedicated to Nicki, and now putting on this circus,» added other users. WATCH THE KISS VIDEO HERE.

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