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Jenni Rivera’s son reacts to Peso Pluma’s Coachella tribute

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Peso Pluma's Coachella tribute (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Peso Pluma’s Coachella tribute was moving.
  • He honored other Mexican icons.
  • It was an emotional moment for Johnny López.

Peso Pluma had people talking this weekend after his Coachella appearance.

The corridos tumbados singer said he was grateful to those who listen to his music, while paying tribute to other regional Mexican icons.

It was during his tribute that an emotional moment sparked an uproar on social media.

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Peso Pluma’s Coachella tribute

Featherweight and Jenni Rivera, Johnny López, Coachella, Lady Gaga Featherweight, California
PHOTO: Meznivel

The Coachella music festival, held in Indio, California, has been the center of attention for music fans this weekend.

Celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter, Justin Bieber and Le Sserafim performed.

One of the most outstanding acts was Peso Pluma, who captivated the audience with an impeccable and emotional set.

His show had incredible production, striking visuals, musicians and dancers,.

He pays tribute to Mexican music icons

Featherweight, Jenni Rivera, Johnny López, Coachella, Lady Gaga Featherweight,
PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

In addition to great choreography and songs that covered a variety of genres, Peso Pluma surprised the crowd by paying an emotional tribute to legends of Mexican music.

These included Jenni Rivera, Chalino Sánchez, Valentín Elizalde, Miguel y Miguel, Joan Sebastian, Alfredo Olivas, Ramón Ayala, Los Tucanes de Tijuana and others.

Peso Pluma projected images of these iconic figures while performing his hit ‘Lady Gaga.’

It struck an emotional chord with the audience, especially Jenni Rivera’s son Johnny López, who was in the audience.

Johnny Lopez reacts to his mother’s tribute

Featherweight, Jenni Rivera, Johnny López, Coachella, Lady Gaga Featherweight,
PHOTO: TikTok capture

“Up with Mexican culture,” said Peso Pluma from the Coachella stage.

During the performance, Jenni Rivera’s son was in the audience recording his emotional reaction.

Johnny’s video instantly went viral on social media, as he watched his mother projected on the giant screens.

Surprised, he said: “Oh sh*t that’s my mom. That’s my motherf*cker mom.» Then he turned his cell phone camera around and said: «I think I’m going to cry.»

The moment goes viral on social media

Featherweight, Jenni Rivera, Johnny López, Coachella, Son of Jenni Rivera
PHOTO: TikTok capture

Social media users quickly reacted to Johnny’s video, sharing their excitement at seeing the Diva de la Banda.

«It was a way of telling him: ‘My son, here I am,’ you never imagined it.» «I think Jenni would have loved PP.» «My eyes are teary,» were some comments.

«Oh, I’m not screaming and screaming for him, how beautiful.» «This made me cry, he will always be his baby Johnny.» «Neta, he gave me feeling.»

«I grew up with Jenni Rivera in my house and seeing this made me cry like a baby.» «Forever his mother’s boy, this made me want to cry,» others added.

Peso Pluma gives thanks

Singer, Famous, Music Festival, United States, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram capture

After finishing his show, Peso Pluma shared some photographs online and said he was grateful.

«Pesochella 2024. As always it is an honor to represent my country and my culture everywhere. Thank you Coachella for so much love in this first show. Up with Mexico and up with the corridos,» he wrote in the description.

Without a doubt Peso Pluma’s Coachella tribute to icons of regional Mexican music was moving to everyone who saw it.

Just as Johnny López’s video has left its mark on fans of the genre and the Diva de la Banda. To see the video click HERE.

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