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Peso Pluma cancels a concert in Tijuana after threats from a drug cartel

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Peso Pluma cancels concert (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Peso Pluma cancels concert in Tijuana.
  • Threats from a drug cartel triggered the decision.
  • He postponed other shows in the US.

The Mexican corridos tumbados singer, Peso Pluma, has confirmed that he is canceling a concert that was scheduled for October in the border city of Tijuana.

The decision comes after the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) issued death threats in the form of narcomantas.

His independent label, Double P Records, released a statement announcing the cancelation in order to ensure the safety of fans, his team and everyone involved.

«Our goal is to protect the fans and the team. For the safety of everyone involved, we will cancel our show in Tijuana,» the statement reads.

Peso Pluma cancels concert in Tijuana

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PHOTO Getty Images

«Thank you so much to all our fans for understanding. We love you. Sincerely: La Doble P,” was the statement shared on social media.

On Tuesday, September 12, three narcomantas were found in different parts of Tijuana, near the border port of San Ysidro.

These warnings urged the singer not to perform in the city, saying there would be serious consequences if he did.

This situation alarmed the public and local authorities, due to the ongoing violence in Mexico.

CJNG threats spark concern

Featherweight, concert Tijuana, Mexico, CJNG
Peso Pluma cancels concert / Photo Getty Images

Up to now, Peso Pluma had remained silent about the concert in Tijuana.

It was originally scheduled for October 14 at the Caliente stadium, home of the Xolos de Tijuana soccer team.

Double P Records, issued the statement canceling the concert on social media.

This decision was made because of the frightening threats from the CJNG.

The safety of Peso Pluma’s fans is a priority

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Cartels have left narcomantas with death threats for several artists and other public figures in Mexico.

This incident highlights the pressure and dangers faced by corridos tumbados performers. It’s a musical genre that often references issues related to organized crime.

The CJNG is known for its presence in various parts of Mexico and has been linked to numerous acts of violence around the country.

Their threats not only generate fear for the person they are directed at, but also impact the public in general.

The mayor of Tijuana speaks out

Mayor, Mexico, insecurity, cartel, violence

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, commented on the reasons for canceling the concert.

«We as a municipality were not planning to cancel, but the promoter told us beforehand,» she said in another statement issued about the concert.

«We respect the decision, since we were waiting for Prosecutor’s Office to determine if the concert was dangerous or not.»

The mayor said that she is not going to «allow a criminal group to manage the economic agenda, however, if the group itself decided, then that is the risk of singing those types of songs.»

Peso Pluma’s music and the risk in the music industry

Risk, music, singer, president, Mexico

She also added that with these types of cases, it is very important to «tell dads, moms and teachers to watch what their children listen to.»

«And why do relate to this type of violent lyrics, because that’s where the problem is, not in the cancelation of concerts,» she mentioned.

Corridos tumbados is a a popular genre in that was born in Mexico and is popular worldwide.

It has been criticized by the authorities, including President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for glorifying violence and drug use, according to the EFE agency.

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