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Pennsylvania: Aramark Company Announces More COVID-19 Layoffs

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  • Pennsylvania: Aramark Company Announces More COVID-19 Layoffs
  • There have already been more layoffs at universities as well as schools in Georgia
  • Aramark lost $ 328 million in its third quarter

Aramark Announces More Layoffs: According to Univision the layoffs of the food service company Philadelphia, Aramark, are on the rise in universities in the region, where many institutions endure the rest of the year closed, and mostly with virtual course offerings in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

An example of this case is Drew University in Madison, NJ, where layoffs are affecting 48 Aramark employees, taking effect on Sept. 30, according to a filing with the New York Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Sweater.

The layoffs indicate that they are work permits and that they will be able to return to work on January 1.

According to the statement, it is argued that the layoffs are the result of Aramark experiencing an unprecedented disruption in its business due to the sudden difficulty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the world earlier this year.

“Drew University has just informed us that it intends to continue conducting its fall semester remotely and online, and does not intend to resume classes in person until the spring semester 2021,” says Aramark’s statement. under the Workforce Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

“Aramark will provide food services on a limited basis until the return of full capacity face-to-face classes on campus in the spring semester 2021.”

The laid off employees include three baristas, six cashiers, a caterer, a chef, seven cooks and four food preparation workers.

Aramark announces more layoffs

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After originally wanting to test a hybrid format in person, Drew University announced in August that its fall semester will be through online courses, where most students will work from home.

On the other hand and being another case, at the University of East Stroudsburg in Pennsylvania, the company is also laying off 112 employees, all as of September 30, like the University in New Jersey.

Through a WARN filing with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the company again indicates the financial damages due to the health crisis and cites the decision of Monroe County University to also conduct the classes online.

“East Stroudsburg recently announced that it intends to run its fall semester on a hybrid basis, between virtual and limited face-to-face classes.”

“Aramark will provide limited services until the return of full capacity classroom classes in the spring semester of 2021”

The university announced in July that it would use a mostly remote learning model for the current semester.

According to Aramark spokesman David Freirech, issued to the Business Journal via email argued that, like other companies and industries they have had to make some difficult decisions due to the pandemic.

Aramark announces more layoffs

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“Due to the reduction in in-person and resident instruction on campus, we had no choice but to change staffing levels at these locations.”

“Hopefully these decisions are temporary and we hope to return to normal operations when life on campus returns to full capacity,” the official said.

It should be remembered that Aramark provides food services to other nearby universities, which like those already mentioned have adopted a mostly online course program for the fall of 2020, such as Temple, Drexel and La Salle Universities.

David Freirecih said he cannot say or speculate on whether similar layoffs from Aramark are anticipated in Philadelphia schools, yet the food company has recently taken similar steps at several universities across the country.

Since last month, the layoffs of 440 Aramark employees in schools were announced, such is the case of Georgia in its operations of Agnes Scott College, Georgia Gwinnett College, Morehouse College and Spelman College.

The food company reported a loss of $ 328 million during its fiscal third quarter that ended June 26, with a gain variation of $ 189 million in the same period last year.

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