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Peña Nieto’s ex-girlfriend introduces her new boyfriend

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Peña Nieto ex-girlfriend, Ruiz, Man, MundoNow, News
Peña Nieto's ex-girlfriend (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Peña Nieto ex-girlfriend introduces her new partner.
  • A surprise after breakup with Peña Nieto.
  • Tania Ruiz sends emotional message on Instagram.

Tania Ruiz Eichelmann, the renowned socialite and model, celebrated her 36th birthday last Monday, October 23, in a very special way.

The businesswoman, who until recently shared her love life with former Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, chose this day to share her happiness.

And by the way, to also introduce her new partner, creating a great controversy and debate in the comments of her publication.

The surprise was palpable for many of her followers, since the news came just a few months after confirming her breakup with the Mexican politician.

Peña Nieto ex-girlfriend

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

However, it seems that love has once again knocked on the door of the beautiful socialite, Tania Ruiz.

In an emotional post on her Instagram account, Tania expressed her gratitude on her birthday:

«Today is my 36th birthday. I have so many things to be grateful for that I just turn to heaven to say ‘Thank you God for blessing me so much,'» she said.

Her words reflected a feeling of fullness and joy that did not go unnoticed by her almost 500 thousand followers on the social network.

An Emotional Message at her celebration

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Peña Nieto’s ex-girlfriend PHOTO: Mezcalent

The businesswoman also took a moment to reflect on her own personal growth and the courage she has shown throughout her life:

«Today I thank myself for making me such a brave person and I don’t do it to cheer myself up, but because it has been difficult for me to overcome many things in my life,» she expressed.

«Blessed experience! Everything heals when you accept. Yes without guilt and no without fear,» she added in her emotional publication.

Previously, and according to Infobae, Tania had mentioned a «new chance» in her life in the month of July.

The Official Introduction of her New Boyfriend

surprise, personal life, presentation, celebration
PHOTO: Mezcalent

On this occasion, Tania took advantage of her birthday to officially introduce her boyfriend, Manuel Serrano Ortega, an industrial engineer of Spanish nationality.

She shared an image in which they appear together, sitting at the table and enjoying cigars.

Her words revealed the surprise and joy she felt at finding love in an unexpected way: «But on my 36th birthday there is a very special thank you,» she revealed.

«It’s MY BOYFRIEND! I met you without planning it in the most incredible way I could have met someone,” Ruiz said.

She claims to be very happy

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

She also added: «When I was completely closed to meeting a person and my heart was completely closed,» Tania expressed on her Instagram.

The influencer and businesswoman made it clear that she is deeply in love and grateful for Manuel’s presence in her life:

«The more I know you, the more I know myself. Thank you for all the care you give me, the love, the laughter, your support. No matter everything that happened, our world saved me,» she said.

«I healed when I let myself feel. If something has hurt me since I met you, it’s my cheeks from smiling so much. Our world, my place, I love you infinite!» , she concluded.

Users mention Peña Nieto and give their opinion

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Peña Nieto’s ex-girlfriend PHOTO: Mezcalent

Of course, there was no shortage of user comments on Tania’s publication, who did not miss the opportunity to mention Enrique Peña Nieto.

In addition to asking him about his feelings regarding the new relationship of his ex-girlfriend.

Some expressed joking comments such as «What happened there @EPN?», «And my Peña? I do not believe in love anymore.»

They also told him: «My Lord had more personality» (referring to Peña Nieto), showing that the news did not go unnoticed. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTO).

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