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Singer Pee Wee resurfaces after gay rumors

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Pee Wee reaparece gay, trans, comunidad LGQTB, Pride, MundoNOW
Pee Wee appears after gay rumors (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Renowned singer Pee Wee resurfaces.
  • The Mexican-American star has been the subject of gay rumors.
  • Is Pee Wee gay?

Pee Wee, the celebrated Mexican-American singer, appears on a prominent reality show and dispels gay rumors.

In the wake of gay rumors, the singer has surfaced on a major Mexican reality show — Hotel VIP Mexico.

This debut season of Hotel VIP Mexico is currently captivating audiences on Channel 5, replacing La Casa de los Famosos.

Pee Wee’s appearance took his fans by surprise since he does not usually participate in this type of show.

Hotel VIP Mexico

TV, Reality show, Famous, Mexico, Televisa
Photo: Mezcalent

Pee Wee is among the 16 renowned figures who are appearing in the inaugural season of Hotel VIP, broadcast on Channel 5 in Mexico.

This production followed the triumphant first season of La Casa de los Famosos Mexico on the same network.

The reality show will be filmed in an opulent Argentine hotel complex.

Stars take part in various challenges during a four-month hotel stay.

Stepping out of his comfort zone

Challenges, Career, Singer, Musician, Celebrity
Photo: Mezcalent

Pee Wee’s return to Spanish-language television follows a controversial episode in his personal life.

In December 2022, the singer found himself at the center of rumors suggesting he was married to his manager, Pepe Rincón.

Refuting the claims, Pee Wee vehemently denied the allegations and even announced his intention to take legal action against the magazine who published the story.

«Preferring to keep my personal life private doesn’t mean I am gay,» Pee Wee boldly clarified, according to Telemundo.

Pee Wee files a defamation suit against TV Notas

Scandal, Gay, Married to a man, Equal marriage, Homosexual
Photo: Mezcalent

True to his word, Pee Wee took legal recourse and filed a lawsuit against TV Notas for publishing the story alleging he was in a long-term romance with his manager.

In April 2023, the singer initiated legal proceedings against the publication in Mexico.

The lawsuit contested a TV Notas article that falsely asserted Pee Wee and Pepe Rincon had been married for three-years, according to Telemundo.

Additionally, the magazine claimed the couple lived in Texas to avoid media attention.

A new venture for Pee Wee

Fame, Manager, Pepe Rincón, Homosexuals, Gays
Photo: Mezcalent

As he embarks on his reality show journey on Hotel VIP,  Pee Wee acknowledges that the experience presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

He reveals that it’s the first time he’s participated in a project where he will be isolated from the outside world.

Anticipating success, Pee Wee shared his strong intuition that he could emerge as the winner of the first season.

However, he added that he finds it particularly challenging not to be in daily contact with his mother.

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