Inicio » English » Pedro Rivera Jr, Jenni Rivera’s brother, records a ‘satanic temple’ in Tijuana (VIDEO)

Pedro Rivera Jr, Jenni Rivera’s brother, records a ‘satanic temple’ in Tijuana (VIDEO)

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  • Pedro Rivera Jr. encounters what he claims to be a satanic temple
  • This temple is located between Tijuana and Ensenada
  • Jenni Rivera’s brother warns his followers about someone who is approaching

In one of his several videos published by Jenni Rivera’s brother, Pedro Rivera Jr. on his official account of Instagram shared a video where he and his family come across what they say is a temple Satanic.

It was on a Tijuana highway when he was driving his truck with his family that the controversial pastor came across the supposed temple.

“See what we find here … see that a satanic temple could be said like this,” said Pedro in the video.

It can be seen as if it were a facade of an old church, but this one had an image in addition to statues and images of a demon at the top, in addition to being on the seashore.

In the video, the pastor issued a couple of warnings to his followers and lovers of the demonic: “The arrival of Christ is closer than you imagine.”

“People who look for things of death, death will find,” warns Pedro Rivera Jr.

“That looks terrible, and if you meet someone satanic that is how terrible it looks,” the pastor told his followers.

When clarifying several times that he did not like to see such temples, Jenni Rivera’s brother concluded the video with this phrase: “God rebukes the filthy devil, God bless me and worship Christ and not Satan.”

“SATANIC TEMPLE BETWEEN TIJUANA AND ENSENADA. People worshiping satan. THE ONLY ONE WHO DESERVES THE GLORY AND HONOR IS JESUS ​​CHRIST HOW MANY SAY AMEN ?? The coming of Christ is very near ”, this was the legend he wrote in the publication. TO WATCH THE VIDEO GIVE CLICK HERE.

Pedro Rivera satanic temple 1


Pedro Rivera satanic temple. After seeing the video, the followers were quick to criticize Pedro and began to comment on his video.

Most of the Internet users commented that this was not a satanic temple but the house of an American: “I live in this city, do not be alarmed, it is not a satanic temple ok !!!! It is the home of an American actor! “, Commented a netizen.

“The truth, Pedro, you publish a lot of things that you don’t read, you don’t educate yourself, you only make controversy like good Rivera and apart from speaking badly about your countrymen, but well, first investigate, I’m from Rosarito and that house belongs to a gringo who made his house as he gave his win, ”said another user.

There was even a user who responded to the warning that the pastor made: “The arrival of Jesus will be when one least expects it, we do not know when but there are very satanic things about it.”

“Thanks, yes it is even open to the public to see all the pieces that are in this house there are things of castles ancestors super fathers with thousands of years is open to the public and anyone can visit it can see videos on YouTube!”, “That is not it is a satanic temple. That’s a lie. It belongs to a man named Tony Wells and it is not Satanic to inform yourself correctly.

“Temple or house, the truth is very ugly”, “Well, whoever that is, this horrible obvious, people sometimes sell themselves to the devil to have what they have”, “It is not a temple but even if it was not, it was built with things macabre and satanic … museum or call it as it is obviously holy or good it has nothing !. Anyway, Satan gives power to those people to do what they want and wealthy and there he is so that they see Satan as an “art” and praise with statues … how ugly “, were other comments.

As of today, the video has more than 11 thousand views and hundreds of comments.

Pedro Rivera satanic temple 2

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Pedro Rivera Jr reveals that he tested positive for coronavirus

Pedro Rivera satanic temple. It should be remembered that Pedro Rivera Jr, brother of the late singer Jenni Rivera, announced a few months ago that he tested positive for the coronavirus after he made the decision to take the test after his wife fell ill.

The controversial pastor informed his more than 110 thousand followers of his Instagram account that “indeed, I am positive for Covid-19”, so he asks them to pray for him because everything is in the hands of the Lord.

With a calm demeanor, Pedro Rivera Jr began his video, which at that time had exceeded 2,000 reproductions, sharing that he is in quarantine for 14 days, in addition to reminding his followers that he had gone to be tested for the coronavirus.

“Last night I already received the results, fast. My wife went to take the exam and it took 13 days to give her the results, but on Saturday the 18th I did it and on Sunday around 5 in the afternoon, 6 in the afternoon, I was eating a very happy pozole, very comfortable, when I get a text from the Covid-19 test site and I looked at it and there it says I’m positive, ”Jenni Rivera’s brother confessed incredulously.

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Pedro Rivera satanic temple. The pastor commented that he was recommended to stay at home for 14 days and that is what he is doing, although he assured that he does not feel bad, only the throat feels a little ‘scratchy’, but he did lose the sensation of taste and smell .

“I don’t feel a fever, or any other discomfort, so I can think that maybe it’s just a regular cold, but they said that I was positive, that if I have the coronavirus, and there is nothing to fear. We should not be scared to the point and moment of saying: ‘I’m going to die, this is going to happen.’

On the other hand, Pedro Rivera Jr commented that many people receive the coronavirus differently, because while some feel very bad, the detail is that they should not be afraid or that the disease paralyzes infected people.

“We must keep a lot of prayer, I am praying, there are many pastors who are praying, there are many brothers in the church who are praying for me, but the situation is that coronavirus or not coronavirus, life goes on. If it pleases God and to take me with this disease, it is God and it is his decision, I will not fear, I will not be afraid, the Lord is with me and if he decides to say: ‘Peter, it is time to strike out card and to leave because you have finished your work here on this earth, now you are going to another place ‘, I am prepared to go to the presence of the Lord ”.


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