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They say which inhabitant of La Casa de los Famosos will not be able to win

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Paulo Quevedo can't win first prize (Photo: Mezcalent/Telemundo)
  • Paulo Quevedo excluded from the award.
  • New prize distribution.
  • Debate on equity at stake.

Telemundo’s fourth season of «La Casa de los Famosos» has reached its final week, with the winner set to be announced next Sunday.

As of today, the first three finalists have been confirmed: Rodrigo Romeh, Aleska Génesis, and Paulo Quevedo, the latter joining the competition midway through.

However, despite the social media excitement and the promise of a grand prize of $200,000, the truth behind the final prizes isn’t as straightforward as it has been made out to be.

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Paulo Quevedo can’t win the first prize?

Paulo Quevedo award, Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, celebrities, MundoNOW
Paulo Quevedo cannot win the La Casa de los Famosos award PHOTO: Meznivel

The controversy revolves around Paulo Quevedo, a renowned Mexican actor, who allegedly wouldn’t be eligible for the prize if voted as the winner.

This has sparked controversy since both Quevedo and Geraldine Bazán, who joined the show later than the rest, wouldn’t qualify for the main prize.

Quevedo has voiced his discontent with the situation, emphasizing the importance of the public being correctly informed.

«Many people don’t have that information,» noted the actor, adding that it would be unfair to contestants who have been there from the start if newcomers could also win the main prize.

Has Telemundo warned the participants?

Paulo Quevedo, award, Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Paulo Quevedo cannot win the La Casa de los Famosos award PHOTO: Telemundo

«Before entering, we were told explicitly that we won’t be taking home the main prize,» the actor recently shared within the reality show.

«The newcomers, in this case me, who entered midway, don’t get the main prize. We only get half of the cake,» Quevedo mentioned.

«Just so you know, keep it in mind, and don’t say it’s unfair for a newcomer to make it to the final because of that. Remember that everything became fair, and it reached a point where things have to be even,» he added.

Unlike previous seasons, where a single winner took home the main prize, this edition has opted to distribute three briefcases with cash.

The end of La Casa de los Famosos

House of the Famous, Telemundo, celebrities, Paulo Quevedo, MundoNOW
Paulo Quevedo cannot win the La Casa de los Famosos award PHOTO: Telemundo

It’s worth noting that last week, Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral joined the house to present the prize that will be awarded to the third-place winner.

In addition to the $200,000 prize for the winner, there will be $100,000 for the second place and $50,000 for the third, according to People en Español.

The announcement of the prize distribution has sparked a debate among the show’s followers, who question the fairness of the decision.

Some argue that all participants should have equal opportunities to win, regardless of when they joined the competition.

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