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Paulina Aguirre Releases Her New Single ‘Vamo A’ Sanar’

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Paulina Aguirre premieres, Song, Ecuador, MundoNow, Meaning
Paulina Aguirre new song Vamo A' Sana
  • Paulina Aguirre premieres ‘Vamo A’ Sanar’
  • Urgent call for healing.
  • Diverse musical collaboration: Latin-Ecuadorian roots.

In an exclusive interview with MundoNOW, we had the presence of the prominent Hispanic singer-songwriter, Paulina Aguirre.

Paulina revealed all the details of her new single, ‘Vamo A’ Sanar’, which not only marks her musical return, but will also be the title of her next album.

The Ecuadorian artist, winner of a Latin Grammy, uses her voice to address the crisis that is plaguing Latin America.

Paulina gives a special focus on the situation in Ecuador, her country of origin, which is going through complicated times.

Paulina Aguirre premieres new single

interview, latina artist, hispanic, insecurity
PHOTO: Paulina Aguirre

In «Vamo A’ Sanar», Aguirre expresses her deep concern about the growing violence and political instability that have plagued Ecuador.

The country is placed in the number 1 position for insecurity in Latin America. A problem which is increasing more and more on the continent.

With an urgent message, the song becomes a call to action in the face of a reality marked by fear and social polarization.

«It hurts us to live in fear in social polarization, in permanent uncertainty, love has grown cold and the earth continues to cry,» shares Paulina.

An artistic piece that transcends borders

paulina aguirre, vamo a' heal, ecuadorian, simple singer
PHOTO: Paulina Aguirre

The artistic collaboration in ‘Vamo A’ Sanar’ is notable, since Paulina Aguirre composed the song with her great companion from adolescence, Ivis Flies.

The production was in charge of the talented platinum producer Pablo Aguirre. Mixing and mastering were done by the experienced Gustav Afsahi.

The powerful message of the song is accentuated by the participation of Yurak Pacha’s Kichwa voice, fusing electro Latin roots elements.

In addition to the incorporation of traditional instruments such as charangos, pingullos and bombo legüero, along with powerful Afro-Ecuadorian beats.

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