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Son of the late Talina Fernández Patricio Levy dies

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Talina Fernandez's son dies( PHOTO: Screenshot from Facebook)
  • Talina Fernández died in 2023.
  • Her son Patricio Levy, also known as ‘Pato,’ died this Monday.
  • Family tragedy in Mexican showbiz.

Marked by tragedy? Catalina María del Sagrado Corazón Fernández Vela, better known as Talina Fernández, died on June 28, 2023.

‘The Lady of Good Say’ had three children: Mariana, Jorge, and Gerardo Patricio Levy Fernández, from her marriage to Gerardo Levy.

Unfortunately, Mariana, who was a prominent actress, died in 2005 due to cardiac arrest.

And as if more were needed, in the early hours of this Monday, June 10, the death of ‘Pato’ Levy was reported.

May Patricio Levy rest in peace

Talina Fernandez son, help, surgery, death, MundoNOW
Talina Fernández son – PHOTO: Screenshot from Facebook

According to Milenio, the son of Talina Fernández was seeking help.

He was to undergo heart surgery, although no further details about the cause of his death have been revealed yet.

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Her Actions at an Event

It was the wife of his brother Coco who commented that Pato Levy died at home while sleeping.

Patricio Levy had been suffering from heart and lung conditions for several months. May he rest in peace.

Unlike his siblings Mariana and Coco, Pato Levy did not pursue a career related to the world of show business.

His name began to gain more notoriety following the death of his famous mother, Talina Fernández.

In fact, he still maintained the official Facebook page of ‘The Lady of Good Saying’ active.

It is said that for years he suffered from cardiac arrhythmia, which urgently required medical intervention.

«With the death of my mom, my heart was severely broken,» said Talina Fernández’s son in an interview.

As if by agreement, Pato Levy will join his mother nearly a year after her departure.

According to El Universal, Patricio once mentioned that he had an excess of fluids in his heart.

This caused constant pressure on his other organs. He also said he needed to lose weight.

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