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Patricia Manterola is in bed immobilized due to a back injury

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Patricia Manterola immobilized, Singer, Damage, MundoNow, News
Patricia Manterola immobilized due to injury (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Patricia Manterola immobilized due to injury.
  • Revealing video raises concern.
  • Solidarity of family and followers.

The renowned Mexican singer and actress Patricia Manterola has generated great concern among her more than one million followers.

This at the time of revealing that she has been bedridden for a few days due to an injury she suffered in her back.

Through a video shared from her bed, the former member of the Garibaldi group confessed that she has not been able to move for several days.

Which has led the artist to seek urgent medical attention and, in turn, has caused shock among her fans and Internet users.

Patricia Manterola immobilized

Singer, Artist, Concern, Health, Patricia Manterola immobilized due to injury
Photo: Mezcalent

Paty Manterola used her official account on the popular Instagram social media to share the news that intrigued many.

It is worth mentioning that the singer made a video, which was published within her stories on the aforementioned digital platform.

In the stories she uploaded last Wednesday, January 17, the Mexican artist appears lying down in bed, where she has remained for the last few days.

She is wearing a light gray mottled sweatshirt and her hair is loose, as well as glasses and she even added a filter to the video ensuring that she was not fixed.

Patricia Manterola’s story in the midst of her pain

Celebrities, Social Networks, News, Pain, Shock
Photo: Mezcalent

«Hello my loves, hey, what do you think? Today would be my third day in bed. I hurt my back and I haven’t been able to get out of bed,» said the actress.

Patricia Manterola, visibly affected, detailed the difficult situation she is currently going through through her stories on Instagram.

«I think I have a disk, today I will have to go to the doctor to get checked because I can’t move, that is, I can’t do anything,» she revealed.

«I’ll tell you, I’m here with heat (points to his waist with a girdle), they’ve been putting all these concoctions on me, all these ointments, with medicine, with magnets,» she said.

The singer asks her followers for support

Solidarity, Celebrities, Actress, Mexico, Diagnosis
Photo: Mezcalent

«No, no, no, you don’t know how many things I’ve been putting on to see if the pain improves, but I think a disc moved or something,» added the singer.

In addition, she added another story where she requested the help of his followers so that they are providing her with some remedies that he can put into practice.

«Give me your remedies, because look, I am putting on sports cream, I put on a Colombian ointment that is made from coca leaves and tiger ointment.»

The 51-year-old artist shared another video from her doctor’s office, where she hopes to undergo an MRI that will shed light on the cause of her immobility.

In search of medical answers after injury

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Patricia Manterola immobilized due to back injury-Photo: Mezcalent

The possibility of a torn disc in his back has led Manterola to take immediate steps to address her condition and receive appropriate treatment.

«Here I am at the doctor so they can come check me, I can’t even sit down, so I’ll wait calmly to see what they tell me,» Manterola shared.

She later shared in her stories some photographs of an x-ray, the medication she was prescribed, and where what appears to be a splint was placed on her.

So far, the actress has not given any statements about how she is currently feeling after suffering an injury to her lower back.

Solidarity as an important pillar

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Photo: Instagram screenshot Patricia Manterola

Thanking her husband Forrest Kolb, father of her three children, for the support, Patricia Manterola publicly expressed her gratitude.

«Thank you for always being by my side, in the good times and the not so good times,» the singer wrote along with a video of both of them.

The solidarity of her family has been a fundamental pillar in these moments for the artist, who has seen her daily routine affected.

In conclusion, Patricia Manterola faces a period of immobility that has caused concern among her followers. HERE the video dedicated to her husband.

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