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Pamela Silva and her son have an accident on the road

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Pamela Silva Accident, Car, Son, MundoNow, Podcast
Pamela Silva has an accident (Photo: Mezcalent-Shutterstock)
  • Pamela Silva suffers an accident on the road.
  • The host says how her son is doing
  • Lesson: calm in the face of adversity.

On the morning of October 17, the host of Primer Impacto on Univision, Pamela Silva, experienced a moment of terror on the road while taking her son Ford to school.

An unexpected road incident shook them, leading Pamela to share a valuable lesson in resilience and gratitude through her Instagram stories.

The journalist, recognized for her work on the afternoon program that she co-hosts with Michelle Galván, revealed the shocking event.

It is worth mentioning that this incident could have had tragic consequences if it were not for the luck that accompanied them at that time.

Pamela Silva suffers an accident with her son

Pamela Silva road accident, Pamela Silva, son Ford, celebrities, MundoNOW
Pamela Silva highway accident Photo Mezcalent

«Ford and I had a problem on the road when we were heading to school,» she began by saying in a statement shared on social networks.

«While I was driving, a hole caused two tires on my vehicle to explode,» Pamela said, describing the chilling moment they experienced.

It is worth mentioning that this sudden incident confronted them with imminent danger in a situation in which any outcome could have been fatal.

In the midst of adversity, the journalist shared how her son, Ford, demonstrated surprising serenity and wisdom in his reaction to the road incident.

How is her son Ford doing?

Pamela Silva suffers an accident, Hispanic driver, Ford, celebrities, MundoNOW
Pamela Silva road accident Photo Shutterstock

After having suffered the incident, the host of Primer Impacto said she had stepped aside, complaining when they witnessed a terrible accident.

«Immediately, I started complaining: ‘Oh my God… Why?’ And Ford was just saying, «Don’t be sad, Mom. Everything is fine,» she said, revealing the tender reaction of her three-year-old son,» it reads.

«I went two more blocks and we witnessed a horrible accident, where the truck overturned and ended up on its wheels,» said the journalist.

Likewise, Pamela Silva said that this traumatic episode became a valuable lesson in life and strength for both of them.

Pamela Silva assures that there were no injuries

Univision, Hispanic host, Pamela Silva, Ford, MundoNOW
Pamela Silva road accident Photo Shutterstock

“Fortunately, there were no serious injuries,” said a relieved Pamela, although she said that this scenario was very hard for her son.

“Ford was very scared and I started praying that everyone would be okay,” she said. Finally, Pamela shared the moral of this whole experience:

“Sometimes an inconvenient mishap is nothing more than a timely detour to protect you,” reads the statement issued on their social networks.

After leaving this message, the host shared a photograph of her and her son, where they both looked calm about the incident, according to Hola.

Her son’s life

Primer Impacto, Univision, presenter, car incident, celebrities, MundoNOW

Pamela Silva, known for her presence in the media, showed her followers the courage and gratitude needed to overcome critical moments.

A few months ago, Ford started pre-kindergarten classes and her proud mother gave her some nice words before taking him to school.

“Lord, I ask that you continue to guide Ford’s footsteps in this new season of learning. Allow him to continue being a curious, playful and affectionate child,» she said.

«Enlighten their teachers and schoolmates, so that harmony and joy always reign among them,» she wrote in her instagram.

A thought from the Hispanic host

Primer Impacto, presenter, USA, Celebrities, MundoNOW

The reflection of the Peruvian-American presenter transcends beyond a mere account of a road incident, it makes its followers think.

Pamela, 41 years old, who is the host of Primer Impacto, has distinguished herself for being one of the most beloved Hispanic presenters.

However, she is known for being very private in her personal life, occasionally sharing important things like the growth of her baby Ford.

Throughout her career, Pamela Silva has stood out in the world of news, becoming a celebrity, thanks to her great work in the news. CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO.

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