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Ovidio Guzmán had a difficult childhood in Mexico

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Ovidio Guzmán Vicente Fox
  • Ovidio Guzmán had a difficult childhood in Mexico City.
  • He attended one of the most exclusive schools in the country’s capital.
  • He left the school after being mistreated.

Ovidio Guzmán had a difficult childhood in Mexico City. He attended one of the most exclusive schools but his classmates and their mothers didn’t invite him on a field trip and his mother even had to intervene, according to multimedios.

Going to one of the most luxurious and expensive primary schools in the country did not help him have a normal childhood, since the son of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán was bullied and didn’t fit in with his classmates.


Ovidio Guzmán childhood Mexico
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The school he attended is CEYCA, located to the south of the country’s capital. ‘ElRatón’ was at the school for second grade (1998-1999) and third grade (1999-2000). He was in fourth grade when his father escaped for the first time from a maximum security prison in Jalisco, known as Puente Grande, in 2001.

He continued like this until the fifth grade, which is the last time he appears in a yearbook video of the exclusive school. There is no documentation that he was there in sixth grade and everything seems to indicate that it was due to how he was mistreated by his peers and their mothers.


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The first years seemed to go by normally, he went to school, attended classes, he was picked up from school and taken home. That’s how it was for the first three years. However, something changed in the fifth year when the mothers of his classmates planned a trip to Disney World.

According to some of his former classmates, their mothers organized a trip with the authorization of the school. They wanted to take their children to Disney World, however, they did not invite El Chapo’s son to join the class trip. Filed Under: Ovidio Guzmán Childhood Mexico


Ovidio Guzmán childhood Mexico
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Despite the fact that all the children were excited about the trip, El Ratón was not because they chose not to invite him. His mother intervened, asking the other mothers to invite him and, to convince them, she even offered to pay for the trip of all his classmates.

However, it didn’t work because El Chapo’s son was not included in that trip. This happened when he was in fifth grade, also the last time he appeared in a school yearbook. It’s presumed he was taken out of the school because of the snub. Filed Under: Ovidio Guzmán Childhood Mexico


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El Chapo’s son studied at the exclusive school known as CEYCA, a Legionaries of Christ college, whose motto is “Semper Altius”, which means “Always Higher”. According to the school, the motto «expresses our aspiration to achieve the maximum possible comprehensive development every day.»

CEYCA is classified as “a school committed to educating students in academic, spiritual and values ​​formation; that is to say, in the integral formation”. They also ensure that they train «people of integrity, who are leaders of positive action and convinced builders of the civilization of justice and love, according to the principles of the Christian humanist». Filed Under: Ovidio Guzmán Childhood Mexico

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