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Colman Domingo is representing the LGBTQ+ community at the Oscars

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Colman Domingo Oscar, pride, lgbt, gay, MundoNOW
Oscar nominee Colman Domingo (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Oscar nominee Colman Domingo represents the LGBTQ+ community.
  • He’s nominated for best actor this year.
  • A story of love and success.

Everything is set for the 96th Oscars, scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 10.

Among the nominees, actor Colman Domingo, who has a Belizean father and family in Guatemala, stands out.

He is the second gay actor to be nominated for portraying a gay character. The first was Sir Ian McKellen.

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Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Colman Jason Domingo was born on November 28, 1969. He is 54 years old.

He studied at Temple University and besides being an actor, he is a singer, producer and director.

He is mainly remembered for playing Victor Strand in the series Fear the Walking Dead and for his role in Euphoria.

Colman Domingo received a best actor nomination for his portrayal of Bayard Rustin in the film Rustin.

Does Oscar nominee Colman Domingo have a chance of winning?

Cillian Murphy, Bradley Cooper, Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Wright, MundoNOW, Colman Domingo Oscar
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The film Rustin tells the story of Bayard Rustin, a Black civil rights leader in the 1960s.

To win the best actor Oscar, Colman Domingo has to beat out Cillian Murphy, who was incredible in Oppenheimer.

Also nominated in this category are Bradley Cooper (Maestro), Paul Giamatti (The Holdovers), and Jeffrey Wright (American Fiction).

Everything points to Murphy winning this award, although it is said that Giamatti could be a dark horse.

Colman Domingo is proud to represent the gay community

Colman Domingo Oscar, husband, Raúl Domingo, marriage, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

It is worth noting that the Oscar nominee Colman Domingo is openly gay. In 2014, he married his partner, Raúl Domingo, a wardrobe assistant.

According to Homosensual, the couple met in 2005 in a supermarket. It was love at first sight.

Although they immediately felt a spark, they did not actually talk to each other until Raúl posted a missed connections ad on Craigslist.

He said that he was looking for the man he had seen in that store. Fortunately for him, the actor read that ad, and they have been together ever since.

How did Colman Domingo find out about his Oscar nom?

nomination, interview, Oscar, award, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

In an interview with Variety, Colman Domingo revealed how he found out about his Oscar nomination.

«I woke up early because my body knew what day it was. I decided to organize my closet at 5 a.m.,» he said.

The actor added that his husband Raúl was watching the broadcast, and when he heard Colman’s name, he fell to the floor.

«We had a little cry together. It’s unbelievable as someone who has been doing this work for three decades,» said the actor.

‘Hopefully, I won’t be the last’

actor, afro-latino, The Color Purple, Mister, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Colman Domingo is the first Afro-Latino actor to receive an Oscar nomination for best actor.

Regarding this, he commented that, hopefully, he won’t be the last, and more people are needed to champion these stories.

He stated that he likes to tell a story with clothes and that he wants to be «the whole party.» «I want to inspire people to dance and have a good time.»

Finally, he shared that he would like to work with Yorgos Lanthimos, the director of the film Poor Things, starring Emma Stone.

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