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OPINION: Latinos Must Vote Reverend Raphael Warnock for Senate, for the Good of Family, Business and Healthcare

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Many politicians tend to group Latinos as one voting block. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are Independents, Democrats and Republicans. We care about a variety of issues, from women’s reproductive rights, the economy, crime, to holding strong to our right to vote.

Now the largest minority in the US, Latinos can be seen and heard in every aspect of American culture. Georgia is a perfect example of how our community continues to grow and morph, influencing all we touch.

From the ever-present Puerto Rican community, to Central American immigrant communities from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, to the South American immigrant communities from Colombia, Peru and the very rapidly growing Venezuelan community fleeing a socialist regime that has destroyed so much of what they hold dear in their beautiful country.

And of course the Mexican immigrant community, the largest Latino block in Georgia, with now 2nd and 3rd generation Mexican-Americans making their voices heard in Georgia, by being…proud Georgians!

It’s an exciting time to be Latino in Georgia, with the future of our diverse community shining as bright as can be.

It is with this sense of Latino optimism and purpose that we endorse Reverend Warnock for Senator in this important runoff. 

Compassion, Latino Engagement & Character 

Compasión, carácter y compromiso con los latinos Compassion, Latino Engagement & Character 
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Reverend Warnock has shown much compassion for the Latino community during his time in the U.S. Senate. He maintains a strong presence through direct engagement, talking directly to Latino business owners, workers, and families about the issues that matter most to us.

Warnock secured an unprecedented $500K to support Ser Familia, the charitable organization run by the impressive Belissa Urbana that has helped Latino families with everything from education resources to mental health guidance.  

Warnock has received an enthusiastic endorsement from Casa in Action, the foremost Latino and immigrant organization in the mid-Atlantic region. And, as the Reverend of one of the most storied churches in Georgia, his character is one built on faith in God and the good in people.

By contrast, Herschel Walker has no concrete plan to support the Latino community. He has provided scant details on his thoughts about our Latino community and has chosen not to engage with us. 

Reverend Warnock is Good for Latino-Owned Businesses

Reverendo Warnock es bueno para los latinos dueños de negocios Reverend Warnock is Good for Latino-Owned Businesses
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The difference between the two candidates could not be clearer. Reverend Warnock is pro Latino business and looks to build on his record.

Warnock facilitated an almost $300,000 grant from the United States Congress to promote programs to support small businesses and Latino entrepreneurs through the incredible Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He’s also met directly with Latino business owners and toured our businesses to discuss what pandemic recovery has looked like from our perspective — an act rarely done by any politician in Georgia.

Walker, in turn, was reported to have mocked businesses for taking PPP loans, despite taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPP loans himself. According to 11 Alive, Walker also sat on the board of a company that took “more than $9.7 million while, at the same time, laying off 90% of its hotel staff.”  We know who works in hotels, Latinos.

Reverend Warnock will improve access to affordable health care for all Latinos in Georgia

"51 es mejor que 50": Obama "51 is better than 50": Obama El Reverendo Warnock mejorará el acceso a la atención médica asequible para todos los latinos en Georgia Reverend Warnock will improve access to affordable health care for all Latinos in Georgia
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Warnock aims to lower prescription drug costs for seniors on Medicare and cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month for Georgians on Medicare. He is also fighting to cap the cost of insulin for all Georgians, a particular concern for our Latino community, which suffers from disproportionately high rates of diabetes

Meanwhile Herschel Walker has offered no solutions and even said he opposed legislation that lowered health care costs.

Reverend Warnock has continued to fight to close the Medicaid coverage cap to ensure that Hispanic Georgians will have access to quality health care. He also continues leading the fight to expand Medicaid, a measure that would provide access to affordable health care for 640,000 Georgians while creating 60,000 jobs

On the other hand, Herschel Walker opposes Medicaid expansion.

The Latino Community Will Benefit from Reverend Warnock’s Push to Create Jobs in Georgia

La comunidad Latina se beneficiará del impulso del Reverendo Warnock para crear empleos en Georgia Latinos have a clear choice on December 6th Latinos have a clear choice on December 6th
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Reverend Warnock has fought successfully to protect and create jobs throughout Georgia. After a year-long push led by Warnock, the jobs and competition bill was signed into law. The bipartisan legislation will boost manufacturing jobs, strengthen the supply chain, and reduce our reliance on foreign nations like China. This law will help protect nearly 2,700 jobs at Kia Georgia. Many of those jobs are held by Latinos.

Reverend Warnock has led the fight in the Senate to provide relief at the pump for Georgians by suspending the federal gas tax, and Warnock successfully pushed President Biden to endorse his Gas Tax Relief Act. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to jobs, Walker’s own record in business reveals a pattern of proven lies and alleged scams to enrich himself at the expense of veterans and the elderly.

Latinos have a clear choice on December 6th

Estadísticas revelan que demócratas tienen una ligera ventaja Latinos tiene una opción clara el 6 de Diciembre Latinos have a clear choice on December 6th
PHOTO: The Associated Press

On December 6th, Latino voters will have a clear choice between Reverend Raphael Warnock — who has been fighting in the U.S. Senate to lower costs, protect and grow good-paying jobs, and stand up for the rights of immigrants — and Herschel Walker, whose pattern of lies, disturbing behavior, and confusing positions prove he is not ready to represent Georgia’s Latino community in the U.S. Senate.

Vote Reverend Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senate on December 6th.

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