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OnlyFans model Lilly Summers will sleep with Russian soldiers who betray Vladimir Putin (PHOTOS)

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  • OnlyFans model will pay with her body if Russian soldiers betray Putin.
  • Lilly Summers supports Ukraine and posted a surprising message.
  • The blonde is going viral after her OnlyFans fee change.

We’ve all been watching the various situations that have arisen from the war that Russian soldiers are waging against Ukraine under the orders of Vladimir Putin. Now a young woman has gone viral and captured everyone’s attention. She’s a young OnlyFans model named Lilly Summers.

Just as hundreds of dramatic videos and stories showing the destruction of Ukraine at the hands of Russian soldiers pop up and go viral on social media, other types of news is also coming to light. For instance, the case of the ghost pilot flying over Ukrainian skies or the video of the woman who gives away sunflower seeds…. Today an OnlyFans model is stealing the show.

Voluptuous OnlyFans Model Makes Unseemly Proposals To Russian Soldiers

Lilly Summers model by OnlyFans

It turns out that Lilly Summers, a very voluptuous blonde woman with an OnlyFans account, is causing a sensation for being in favor of Ukraine in the midst of the attacks the nation is suffering at the hands of Russia. She has made an unseemly proposal to the soldiers fighting for Putin.

Although the blonde has accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, her popularity comes from an OnlyFans-style app called PocketStars, where she uploads hot photos and videos wearing very little clothing. She has thousands of followers who would no doubt do anything to have her, even if it was only for one night … now the Russian soldiers have a chance?

The scandalous proposal of the OnlyFans model for Russian soldiers to betray Putin

OnlyFans model gives message to Russian soldiers for Putin

Sanctions are hitting Russia from all sides, both economic sanctions and those of a different kind. FIFA announced that they’d expel Russian players and teams from everywhere and the world remains vigilant to everything that Putin is doing. Even his ‘ally’ China has warned him. Now civilians are ‘doing their thing’.

The case of Lilly Summers is going viral on social media as the war escalates and there is no definite date for a prompt solution or for the troops to withdraw. The popular OnlyFans model is offering her body to try and convince Russian soldiers to stop what they are doing in Ukraine.

She will use her body to make Russian soldiers ‘come to their senses’

Sexy Lilly Summers wants Russian soldiers to betray Putin
Instagram: Lilly Summers Entertainment

Lilly Summers posted a message on her Twitter account that is going around the world. She’s using her ‘creativity’ and above all ‘her body’, to offer to fulfill the deepest and sexiest fantasies of Russian soldiers who betray Putin if they surrender and leave Ukraine in peace.

“I will personally have sex with every Russian soldier who lays down his arms in defiance of Vladimir Putin, and ceases aggression against Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine #RussiaUkraineConflict #Russia #peaceforukraine,” she wrote.

She changed her OnlyFans in-kind fee range for Russian soldiers to betray Putin

Russian soldiers must betray Putin

According to ,24 horas, Lilly Summers, who looks very sexy in lingerie and poses suggestively on social media, had to modify her prices on OnlyFans or PocketStars to ‘fight for Ukraine’ and give Vladimir Putin what he ‘deserves’.

‘Peace for Ukraine’ and ‘I am with Ukraine’ were the tags that the model used and her ‘war rates’ appeared in a Twitter message. She didn’t expect much of a response but that wasn’t the case. So far it is not known if the girl is a resident of the attacked country or a nearby one.

Lilly Summers’ controversial prices for Russian troops to betray Putin

OnlyFans model rates for soldiers Russia betrayal Putin

Sexy, young Lilly Summers posted on her new rates for Russian soldiers who disarm and betray Vladimir Putin on Twitter: “Wow! That exploded! For everyone asking, I don’t have an OnlyFans account anymore but I’m on PocketStars and I’m on a fan profile right now. Message me there or PM me directly,” she wrote.

She also dared to share her war rates that this time are not economic but in favor of Ukraine and the war that it is currently waging. For one dead Russian, the OnlyFans model will send the soldier a nude, for each destroyed tank she will send a video of herself….

She will pay Russian soldiers who shoot down planes with her body

Lilly Summers wants to betray Putin

And in addition to nude photos and videos, the OnlyFans model will pay the soldiers who shoot down planes with her body. «Long live Ukraine,» she wrote in the suggestive message with a photograph of herself in black lingerie.

Twitter comments exploded with her offer: “I just messaged you on Instagram please reply so we can talk about this” “A real American.” “Are you serious about this?” “If you really think you are being a hero, you only look like a slu…,” they commented.

Unseemly proposals begin to rain down on her after her offer to the Russian soldiers

Sexy model from OnlyFans

After giving her rates, the OnlyFans model received many proposals: “I destroyed a tank, please sleep with me.” “I respect what you say.”  “Ooook” “This is really sick, nobody should die and Russia and Ukraine must stop their war immediately; Lilly Summers needs to go see a doctor.” “Good way to get attention, but I’m going to report you, bye,” people commented.

Regarding the conflict, as reported by EFE, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, held a telephone conference on Monday with several European leaders and other G7 and NATO member countries to strengthen their unity against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

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