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Parents of OnlyFans model accused of murdering her boyfriend in Miami are arrested

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Parents, Courtney Clenney, arrested, murder
Courtney Clenney's parents arrested (Photo: AP/Getty Images)
  • Courtney Clenney’s parents are arrested.
  • The OnlyFans model’s parents are accused of tampering with evidence.
  • Courtney Clenney is charged with killing her boyfriend.

The case of Courtney Clenney, an OnlyFans model accused of murdering her boyfriend Christian Obumseli in Miami, has taken a surprising turn.

Authorities announced the arrest of her parents in Texas on suspicion of tampering with evidence.

In April 2022, Christian Obumseli was killed in what appeared to be a domestic violence incident.

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After the model was arrested for Obumseli’s murder, Courtney Clenney’s parents received unexpected news from police.

They were arrested in Texas on suspicion of tampering with evidence, local media reported on Wednesday, according to the EFE agency.

Kim and Deborah Clenney were arrested at their home in Austin, Texas, and booked into a local jail on Tuesday afternoon.

This was after an arrest warrant was issued against them for their alleged involvement in the case. They are expected to be extradited to Miami in the next few hours, NBC 6 confirmed.

Courtney Clenney’s parents are arrested

Parents Courtney Clenney, OnlyFans, Miami, Murder, Domestic Violence, Tampering with Evidence, Christian Obumseli, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

According to local authorities, Courtney Clenney’s parents accessed Christian Obumseli’s computer.

The laptop was allegedly taken with the intention of deleting information that could serve as evidence.

Courtney Clenney, a popular OnlyFans model, is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, to death.

The incident occurred in April 2022 in the luxury apartment in Miami where the couple lived.

When did the arrest occur?

Model, Arrest, Detained Parents, Trial, Tragedy, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

Clenney was arrested in August of that year in Hawaii and charged with second degree murder.

Since then she has been held without bail as she awaits trial.

The young woman allegedly stabbed her 27-year-old boyfriend in the chest with a kitchen knife after a heated argument.

This happened on April 3 in a crime that authorities described as “domestic violence.”

How did the murder happen?

Clenney Family, Luxurious Apartment, Self Defense, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

Clenney allegedly plunged a 3.5″ kitchen knife into Obumseli’s chest.

Their argument had escalated to violence and his subclavian artery was punctured, causing his death.

Clenney’s attorneys allege that their client acted in self-defense and called 911 immediately.

However, there is security footage of her physically attacking Obumseli in their building’s elevator shortly before the murder.

A toxic relationship?

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Photo: Shutterstock

During the press conference where police announced Courtney Clenney’s arrest, they revealed important aspects of the relationship, according to EFE.

Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle defined the couple’s romantic relationship as violent and toxic, as well as «extremely tempestuous.»

Following the arrest of Clenney’s parents, the defendant’s legal team noted that this could represent «prosecutorial overreach and misconduct.»

«We believe the Clenney family has been targeted with some trumped up charges to discredit them in the press and make their lives miserable,» they said in a statement.

OnlyFans adds a controversial note to the case

Katherine Fernández Rundle, Defense Lawyers, Toxic Relationship, False Accusations, Press, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

The Courtney Clenney case captured public attention not only because of the brutality of the crime but also because of the controversial nature of her OnlyFans career.

Her presence on the platform, which offers adult content, added an additional nuance to the media coverage.

It has feuled speculation and sensationalism around the her life.

Ultimately, this new twist in the story highlights the complexity and intrigue surrounding Christian Obumseli’s murder. To see video of Courtney Clenney’s parents click HERE.

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