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Michigan father is charged after 2-year-old shoots himself with unsecured gun

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Omar Cortéz Guy (Photo: Genesee County Sheriff's Office)
  • Omar Cortéz Guy is charged after his son shot himself.
  • He was distracted when tragedy struck.
  • The 2-year-old found an unsecured gun.

A Flint, Michigan father faces severe legal consequences after being charged in the death of his two-year-old son.

The toddler fatally shot himself while playing on the bed with a gun owned by a visiting cousin.

Currently, only Omar Cortéz Guy, 26, is behind bars.

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Omar Cortéz Guy is charged in the death of his son

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Photo: Facebook

In the coming days, authorities are expected bring charges against the owner of the gun that took the life of Legend Cortéz Guy.

The Cortéz Guy family’s nightmare began at 2:45 AM on May 17, with a gunshot that echoed at 700 East Philadelphia Avenue.

Omar found a horrific scene in the room.

His only son lay unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head, his brain matter scattered on the bed next to a Glock.

A horrific scene

Omar Cortéz Guy, crime, crime, Hispanic, Latino, shooting
Photo: Genesee County Sheriff’s Office

After calling an ambulance, Cortéz attempted to give his son first-aid.

The two-year-old was pronounced dead at Hurley Medical Center shortly after arrival.

Initially, Omar Cortéz Guy told officers from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office that his son had been playing with an airsoft gun.

At his first court appearance, the father’s story was refuted by the District Attorney as they reconstructed the events of that fateful night in the family home.

The father was smoking marijuana when the shooting occurred

Omar Cortéz Guy, crime, crime, Hispanic, Latino, shooting
Photo: Facebook / Omar Cortéz Guy

Following a search of the house, homicide detectives discovered that on that night, the child’s father was apparently smoking marijuana with two cousins.

One cousin, who owned the .40 caliber pistol, had left it with Omar Cortéz Guy.

In the room, according to the arrest warrant, detectives found a bag of marijuana and a 15-round real bullet magazine.

A spent casing was still in the gun’s magazine. A single bullet hole was found in the ceiling above the bed.

Omar Cortéz Guy is charged with manslaughter

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Omar Cortéz Guy has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

He also faces charges of violating Michigan’s safe storage of firearms law with a minor present causing death, lying to a police officer and three charges of committing a felony with a firearm.

Additionally, his charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated and felon in possession of a firearm.

If convicted, Omar Cortéz could face up to 15 years in prison. He is being held on a $10,000 bond.

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