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Independent expert says Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself

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  • Actor Octavio Ocaña died in October 2021.
  • There were many theories about his death.
  • An independent expert says he did not shoot himself as police said.

In October 2021 popular Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña died in an accidental shooting after a police chase. The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office said he had shot himself with a gun that he had inside his car. Now, new information has come out.

Octavio’s family was dissatisfied with the results given to them by the official authorities in Mexico City and they asked an independent expert to examine the evidence. The report comes to a very different conclusion than the official one that was released shortly after the actor’s death.

Octavio Ocaña’s tragic death

Octavio's horrible accident
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Ocaña, 22, was driving an SUV through the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli when a municipal police unit asked him to stop. The actor accelerated and that started a chase that ended when the car he was driving ran off the road and collided with a wall.

The case has raised questions about the authorities, since many in Mexico believe that the actor, famous for his role in the television series Vecinos, was not helped by police when he was injured after crashing his vehicle.

«Octavio shot himself»

"Octavio shot himself"
PHOTO: Twitter

Photos from the scene of the accident show Cuautitlán Izcalli police surrounding the vehicle and examining the inside while Octavio was injured. The young man moves his right arm erratically and his head is bleeding.

«It is concluded that, as a result of the impact of the truck, Octavio ‘N’ accidentally fired at himself the firearm he had in his right hand, the bullet hit him in the head and due to this injury he lost his life when he was being transferred to the hospital for medical attention,» the authorities concluded.

Independent expert says Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself

Octavio Ocaña did not commit suicide: The actor did not shoot himself
PHOTO: Twitter

The independent expert opinion determined that Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself and, contrary to the version released by the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office, he was shot with a weapon greater than .380 caliber when he was lying on the asphalt.

According to the results of the expert investigation, the Mexican actor did not shoot himself as the FGJEM claimed. «There are no indications of fingerprints on the .380 caliber weapon without an identification number, which determines the use, possession and manipulation by the deceased.”

Did the police shoot him?

Octavio Ocaña did not commit suicide: Did the police shoot him?
PHOTO: Twitter

According to infobae, actor Octavio Ocaña did not shoot himself, instead he was shot when he was lying on the road, contrary to what was concluded after his death, on October 29, 2021.

On the possibility that he had taken his own life, the independent report stated: «It is concluded that, ‘He did not carry out any action leading to suicide.'» This information indicates police may have shot him.

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